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26.04.2016 Prevention train starting in north Moravia

The railway is a synonym of safe traveling, provided basic rules of safety behaviour are met. Inexorable statistics of accidents constitute a strong impulse for České dráhy (Czech Railways - ČD) to carry on its activities this year as well in the field of prevention on the railway and to increase respect for rules clearly given. Today, the national passenger carrier together with its partners Správa železniční dopravní cesty (the Railway infrastructure Administration), the Czech Police and ČD Cargo starts the fourteenth year of the ČD’s successful project ”Prevention Train for a safe railway“, this time in north Moravia. On Tuesday and Wednesday 26 and 27 April at Ostrava-Svinov railway station and on Thursday and Friday at Opava východ railway station, the train will offer an unconventional projection of the film “You won’t make it!”, a discussion with investigators or first aid practice.

22.04.2016 Operation on the line Újezdec u Luhačovic – Vlárský průsmyk is safer and more economical

Správa železniční dopravní cesty (The Railway Infrastructure Administration – SZDC) festively completed safety equipment modernisation on the line Újezdec u Luhačovic – Vlárský průsmyk. The project had as objective to build a complete remotely controlled system of dispatching and control technology in this section.

13.04.2016 A part of the trackage at Česká Třebová Station was reconstructed

The Railway Infrastructure Administration reconstructed the railway superstructure and adjoining switches on the so-called Fourth set of sorting sidings at Česká Třebová freight railway station. The project aided in fulfilling the global objective of Operational Programme Transport Priority Axis 1 which is an improvement of railway transport on the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T.

12.04.2016 Special Vehicles of SŽDC Acquired Radio Stations for Communication in GSM-R Digital System

Prague, 12 April 2016 – Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) equipped its special tractive vehicles with radio stations allowing communication in the GSM-R digital radio system which is going to be introduced on all railway lines in the Czech Republic being part of the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T. In total, 277 vehicles of the railway infrastructure manager were adapted.

12.04.2016 Taking risks? You will pay! Sometimes even with your life…

Today, the preventive safety event ”Taking risks? You will pay!“ took place, organised by Správa železniční dopravní cesty (the Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration) and the Czech Police. Through this pilot event which took place on the territory of the Liberec Region, both institutions want to warn of risky behaviour of drivers and pedestrians while moving on the railway and at railway crossings.

07.04.2016 Riding through Brno railway junction southern part is faster and more comfortable

Today, the Railway Infrastructure Administration festively completed modernisation of the line section Modřice - Brno-Horní Heršpice. The main asset of the project is especially a line speed increase and moreover higher comfort and safety for passengers.

07.04.2016 A new Traffic Control Centre started operation in Prague

The Railway Infrastructure administration festively completed the construction of technological premises for a new Traffic Control Centre in Prague. This project creates prerequisites for gradually introducing centralised remote traffic control within the whole Czech railway network.

05.04.2016 Operation on the line Břeclav – Brno is safer and more economical

Today, the Railway Infrastructure Administration festively completed safety equipment modernisation on the line Břeclav – Brno. This project had as main objective an increase of operation safety on the railway by limiting the human factor influence and by introducing remote control for safety equipment (DOZ).

30.03.2016 Reconstruction of the Ústí nad Orlicí railway junction is finished

Ústí nad Orlicí railway station as well as connecting line sections have undergone a reconstruction. The three-year restriction concerned especially a speed increase. Trains can now pass the station at speeds up to 160 kph. The investor of this construction investor was the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), the supplier EUROVIA CS.

29.03.2016 Exceptional change of the railway passenger transport timetable as of 4 April

The Railway Infrastructure Administration prepared as of Monday 4 April an exceptional change of the 2016 railway passenger transport timetable on the lines 010, 031, 148, 170, 181, 250, 270, 280, 320, 330 and the table of Special trains Česká Třebová – Hanušovice. This occurred based on requests of the carriers ČD and LEO Express.

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