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18.06.2013 pracoviste

17.06.2013 Radio system GSM-R between Ostrava – state border with Slovakia and Přerov – Č. Třebová launched

An expert seminar today officially completed another phase of implementation of GSM-R on the route Ostrava – Opava, Dětmarovice – state border with Slovakia and the connection between the two main corridors Přerov – Česká Třebová. These are the sections that complement the existing rail network already covered with the pan-European digital radio standard GSM-R. In the Czech Republic, the GSM-R completely covers 1st and 2nd National Railway Corridor.

13.06.2013 Modernization of the line Votice – Benešov u Prahy finished. Passengers can look forward to higher speed, new tunnels and better comfort during the journey.

Modernization of the Votice – Benešov u Prahy line section was festively finished today. This construction, situated on the territory of Central Bohemia Region, is part of the Trans-European Network and national Rail Corridor IV Děčín state border - Praha – Benešov – Tábor – Veselí n. Lužnicí – České Budějovice – Horní Dvořiště state border. The construction ”Modernization of the line Votice - Benešov u Prahy“ starts at km 114.763 in front of the Votice railway station and ends in front of the Benešov u Prahy railway station at km 133.235 where it connects to the already finished construction ”Optimization of the line Benešov u Prahy – Strančice“. As a construction, the section comprises a double-track line 18.405 km long.

06.06.2013 Stará Paka railway station features modern parameters after rebuilding

Railway Infrastructure Administration held a ceremony at the occasion of completion of Stará Paka railway station rebuilding today. The execution of this project by Stará Paka Consortium chaired by AŽD Praha resulted in remarkable improvement of safety and reliability of railway traffic including the improvement of passenger safety and comfort. The project is co-financed from European Union’s Cohesion Fund under Transport Operational Programme.

05.06.2013 Trains from Pilsen may go to the station Domažlice Town

Ceremonial ride of the new motive power unit RegioShark opened the restored station Domažlice Town for passengers today.

31.05.2013 The Railway Infrastructure Administration opens a tunnel in Mosty u Jablunkova

Today morning operation in the double-track tunnel in Mosty u Jablunkova has started. Complete operation of the tunnel, i.e. including track 1 is planned for July 2013. The tunnel construction started within the project of optimization of the track on the Slovak state border in 2007.The new body tube of the tunnel was excavated in June 2009 and is 612 metres long. The construction should completely finished in the end of this year.

29.05.2013 First stage of the Project - TSI-TAF implementation into SŽDC information systems festively closed by a technical seminar

Today the Railway Infrastructure Administration closed festively the first stage of the Project “TSI-TAF implementation into SŽDC information systems” by a technical seminar. The seminar summarised activities carried out up to now as well as performing scheduled tasks. The basic overall objective is of course the obligation to observe requirements of EC Regulation No 62/2006 pursuant to TSI-TAF. Thus the project contributes in a substantial way to bringing required harmonisation in the field of railway freight transport into life.

15.05.2013 Czech-Bavarian meeting of working group for the line reconstruction Aš-Selb

The reconstruction preparation of the line Selb-Plößberg – Aš continues. Nevertheless the operation start is supposed to be postponed for one year and it is expected in December 2014. This was announced by the infrastructure manager SŽDC, s. o. (Czech Republic) and DB Netz AG (Germany) at the Czech Bavarian meeting of the working group. Reasons of the shift exist on both sides.

02.05.2013 The more responsible car drivers are, the more safe level crossings we have!

The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) joins already as a tradition the worldwide International Level Crossing Awareness Day. This important day was set for 7 May this year and will be part of the Global Road Safety Week. More than 45 railway companies worldwide are involved in the campaign.

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