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22.11.2013 Photo Contest 2013 has its winner

The tenth anniversary of the existence of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) is accompanied by a number of events throughout the whole of 2013. One of these events is the announcement of the winners of the second annual photo contest. Compared to the premiere year, this year contestants competed in five categories and there were even more contestants. 153 of them applied and sent a total of more than eight hundred contest photos. In addition to recognition and commemorative plaques, the winners selected by a professional jury also received a number of prizes and valuable gifts from the sponsors of the contest. These were handed over to the winners in style in the representative premises of the Government State Room in Prague’s main railway station.

15.11.2013 Modernization of the line Rokycany – Plzeň has started

The Railway Infrastructure Administration started an important modernization of the line between Rokycany and Plzeň. It is a part of the trans-European backbone transport network and the national Transit Rail Corridor III leading from Prague via Plzeň and Cheb to the state border with Germany. After finishing modernization of the whole line between the capital and Plzeň, travelling by train should take less than an hour. Preparatory documentation and the construction project was elaborated by the company SUDOP Praha. Implementation will be carried out for a price of 3.9 billion CZK by the Association MTS+SBT - MTÚ Rokycany - Plzeň, with Metrostav a.s. as association leader and Subterra a.s. as member.

10.11.2013 Activity start of European Rail Freight Corridor No 9 – Czech-Slovak Corridor (in short CS Corridor or RFC 9)

RFC 9 Executive Board and Management Board representatives approved on 7 November 2013 in accordance with the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council (EU) No 913/2010 from 22 September 2010 all documents necessary to start activity of RFC 9 as of 10 November 2013.

08.11.2013 Activity start of the European Rail Freight Corridor No. 7 (Orient Corridor) as a part of the establishment of the European rail network for competitive freight

Today at 12.00 o’clock the Rail Freight Corridor No. 7 launched its operation respecting the timeframe determined in the Regulation 913/2010/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council.

25.10.2013 Tilting trains can ride between Zbiroh and Rokycany with a speed of 160 km/h

Trains between Praha and Plzeň can use in full another modernized section of Rail Transit Corridor III. The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) festively finished today the construction Optimization of the line Zbiroh – Rokycany. The result of works that started in 2009 was i.a. putting a new railway stop Kařez into operation. The project worth more than 4 billion Czech crowns was carried out by the association of suppliers under the leadership of the Skanska company.

14.10.2013 Trains in Olomouc Main Station will be able to brake right at platforms thanks to reconstruction

The important rail junction point Olomouc will be undergoing extensive reconstruction in the three years to follow. It will include i.a. adaptation of the set of tracks which will enable speed increase up to 160 km/h. Trains will therefore be able to ride as fast as on already modernized adjacent line sections and will start braking practically right at platforms. One of our most busy railway stations will moreover acquire another island-type platform. These are only some of the improvements of the construction having been festively started today by the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

09.10.2013 Student Cup 2013

01.10.2013 The Railway Infrastructure Administration Director General retained his position of the international organization CER Vice-Chairman for the next term of office

The Community of European Railway and Infrastructure Companies (CER) is undoubtedly the most important railway international organization including both companies dealing with railway transport as such and railway infrastructure managers. During the General Assembly in Zagreb a new Management Committee has been elected for the next term of office. The position of Vice-Chairman was retained by Mr. Jiří Kolář, Director General of RIA.

27.09.2013 Second stage of European TSI-TAF Regulation implementation can start

The Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) will be able to start the second stage of TSI-TAF implementation into its information systems. This was possible by the decision of the Minister of Transport approving the project for co-financing by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport (OPT). Total project expenses will amount 40 million CZK. The rate of support from OPT amount to 16.872,500 CZK at maximum which equals 42,5% of eligible costs. Up to 7,5% of the costs will be paid from the state budget, i.e. 2.977,500 CZK at maximum. The remaining part equalling 20.150,000 CZK will be paid by RIA from its own resources. This operation will be taking up the first stage which was festively finished this May.

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