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23.02.2012 Mr. Adolf Jílek, Chairman of SŽDC´s Management Board confirms the concluded agreement on the validity of principles adopted at the last meeting of the Management Board

Following today´s special meeting initiated by Mr. Adolf Jílek, Chairman of the Management Board of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization with Mr. Pavel Habarta, SŽDC´s Executive Director, newly stipulated decision-making principles related to the signing procedure of legal documents by SŽDC´s 2nd Deputy Director General come into force . The chairman of the Management Board and Pavel Habarta, SŽDC´s Executive Director have reached an agreement at the time when the issue of interpretation of legal effects of board meetings after the so-called delivery of the resolution signed by the Management Board was publicized in the media.

23.02.2012 Clarifying information about the situation at SŽDC presented by some information media

Thursday´s issue of Journal E15 (23rd February 2012) included an article about the Railway Infrastructure Administrations (SŽDC), state organization presenting incomplete information and statements which might have been the product of misunderstanding on the side of the Ministry of Transport. Therefore SŽDC considers it important to clarify this situation. SŽDC is obliged to follow valid legal regulations, not any points of view or assumptions. Since we take it for wrong to fuel this by media targeted pressure towards SŽDC, we refuse to comment on further progress of those media issues, with the exception of the following information.

20.02.2012 GSM-R implementation continues with the assistance of EU funds from Děčín via Všetaty to Kolín

The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), state organization concluded with Kapsch CarrierCom a contract for GSM-R implementation in the railway section Děčín Prostřední Žleb – Děčín východ – Ústí n/L. Střekov – Mělník – Všetaty – Lysá n/L. – Kolín. The line is part of the upcoming international freight corridor and the GSM-R implementation will guarantee the compatibility of the track communication with trains of foreign carriers, in other words a non-discriminatory approach.

09.02.2012 Consolidation of controlling and decision-making processes of the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), state organization

Following today´s meeting of SŽDC´s Management Board, stricter terms related to control and approval processes have been applied with a view to stabilizing SŽDC as a standard firm. The so-called „four-eye principle“ has been introduced, i.e. a rule specifying that key documents will always be approved and signed not only by Ing. Pavel Habarta, SŽDC Executive Director but also by Ing. Bohuslav Navrátil, the newly-appointed Deputy DG for Rail Operability. Ing. Navrátil also acts as the legally qualified representative of SŽDC as the rail operator. All this leads to the modification of obsolete rules related to decision-making principles of SŽDC as the decision-making and the responsibility have been split among more managers of the company.

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25.01.2012 Reconstruction of the Railway Junction Břeclav coming to an end

Despite the restrictions on funds for the reconstruction of the transport infrastructure of the Czech Republic, the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization manages to prepare new projects for the implementation of important constructions thanks to reduced expenses. This fact is supported by the completed project for the „Reconstruction of the railway junction Břeclav, 2nd construction“. The railway station Břeclav is one of the most important railway junctions of international significance connecting the Czech Republic with Austria and Slovakia.

12.01.2012 Festive Completion of the Optimization of the Line Stříbro – Planá u Mariánských Lázní

The completed construction mainly contributes to enhanced line speed of up to 140 km/h from the original 60-90 km/h and to enhanced rail operation safety. The optimization focused on a 32km-long single-track section, including seven railway stations (Stříbro, Milíkov, Svojšín, Ošelín, Pavlovice, Brod nad Tichou and Planá u Mariánských Lázní). The section is part of III Railway Transit Corridor. The construction is situated in a most complex and inaccessible territory. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization and a significant share - ca 73 % is co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund.

09.01.2012 The Railway Infrastructure Administration as a partner of an important photography competition promoting the safety at level crossings

The foundation BESIP with the support of the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Transport, the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports as well as in cooperation with the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization, announces a photography competition promoting the traffic operations safety and the safety at level crossings.

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