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18.08.2011 Construction of the transfer terminal Nové Údolí

The construction – though small of its extent, it is of great importance – has been co-funded by the European Union under the Programme of Cross-Border Cooperation Objective 3 – the Czech Republic – Bavaria 2007 – 2013, lasted less than 3 months and has been festively completed today.

17.08.2011 Work on the construction „Reconstruction of the railway station Přerov, 1st construction“ in progress

The reconstruction of the Mádrův underpass continued with II dilatation complex above which there are tracks No. 106X, 2X and 1X.

16.08.2011 Work on the construction „State border with Slovakia – Bystřice nad Olší“ in progress

The new project documentation on the completion of the tunnel reconstruction was approved for the track section state border with Slovakia – Mosty u Jablunkova. In March and April, tunnel grouting was effected and the tunnelling is in progress now.

16.08.2011 směrnice č 67

12.08.2011 SZDC´s information on the project „Gateway through the railway junction Pilsen“

The Railway Infrastructure Administration is most likely to save up to CZK 600 million during the construction of the „Gateway through the railway junction Pilsen“. This fact is indicated by interim results of the public tender for a contractor of this railway construction, which is one of the biggest, and the implementation will start soon.

10.08.2011 Modernization of the line Votice – Benešov u Prahy: Work progress (August 2011)

Thanks to fair weather conditions, it is possible to proceed to planned work operations; the modernization of the line Votice – Benešov u Prahy is underway, in particular due to ongoing possession of the odd set of tracks of the railway station Olbramovice.

30.07.2011 The Railway Infrastructure Administration is repairing the line which has been damaged due to the derailment of a train set with historical vehicles

UPDATE - the accident which occurred on 29.07.2011 near Jihlava induced by the derailment of a historical carriage and a steam locomotive caused immense damage to the track section Jihlava – Okříšky to such an extent that it had to be closed. The derailment induced considerable damage to the line and regular trains had to be replaced with alternate bus transport. A part of the track section has already been repaired; however, some tracks in the worst damaged sections still have to be attended to.

25.07.2011 Work progress of the construction „Optimization of the line Bystřice nad Olší – Český Těšín“

The construction proceeds on the reconstruction of the railway station Třinec and of the track section between this station and the railway station Bystřice nad Olší.

20.07.2011 LATEST NEWS: Work progress of the project „Optimization of the line Zbiroh – Rokycany“

Along the whole section of the construction, i.e. from the beginning in Zbiroh to the end in the railway station of Rokycany, work currently proceeds in practically all construction- and rail-related professions. They involve new parts of the telecommunication and signalling system, the installation of the contact line system, track replacement including earthwork, reconstruction of bridges and culverts, building platforms, drainage systems and the adopted implementation of noise protection measures.

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