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19.04.2012 Deputy DG for Economics resigning

On 19. 4. 2012 Ing. Jiří Kohout, SŽDC´s Deputy Director General for Economics handed in his resignation.

19.04.2012 Ing. Jiří Kolář, Ph.D. was appointed to the position of Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration

Following a selection procedure, the Management Board of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization elected its Director General. Ing. Petr Kolář, Ph.D. was appointed to this position.

18.04.2012 Reconstruction of the railway bridge in Tábor calls for restrictions on railway and road transport

The objective of the reconstruction is the remediation of the critical condition of the existing railway bridge on km 0,401 on the line Tábor – Bechyně which takes the railway line over Road II/137 in Budějovická Street in Tábor. During the reconstruction, the existing bridge structure of steel rivet structure with a span of 15,30 m will be removed and a new bridge with one span of 21,0 m with overhead steel welded structure with trough bridge deck will be built.

17.04.2012 Festive launch of the „Reconstruction of R 110 kV and T 110 kV traction convertor substation Pečky“

Within the scope of the modernization of the railway network of the Czech Republic, the „Reconstruction of R 110 kV and T 110 kV traction convertor substation Pečky“ was launched on this festive occasion. The investor of this significant construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC); it is co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund within the Operational Programme Transport.

13.04.2012 A gift for passengers: Arrivals and departures of trains online on SŽDC´s website

Immediate and correct information provided for the passengers related to train connections has been the main incentive to implement and to launch a new website-application presenting real-time arrivals and departures of trains in railway stations directly on SZDC´s website. The online display of the station information boards (SIB) started at 3 pm and is now available from the home page of or you can use the link:

26.03.2012 Stabilization in SŽDC´s managerial positions proceeds

The Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization presents a new Deputy Director General for Economics who will substitute for Mr. Vladimir Filip as at 1st April 2012. SŽDC´s Economics Division will be run by Mr. Jiří Kohout.

12.03.2012 Project of TSI-TAF implementation in SŽDC´s information systems festively introduced during an expert seminar

The Railway Infrastructure Administration festively introduced „TSI-TAF implementation in SŽDC´s information systems“ during an expert seminar. The implementation of the project will substantially contribute to the fulfilment of the below-mentioned goals. Besides the basic umbrella objective, i.e. the obligation to meet the requirements in line with EC Regulation No. 62/2006 in compliance with TSI-TAF, more partial goals are included in TSI-TAF requirements or other indirect ones result from the fulfilment.

27.02.2012 struktura

23.02.2012 Mr. Adolf Jílek, Chairman of SŽDC´s Management Board confirms the concluded agreement on the validity of principles adopted at the last meeting of the Management Board

Following today´s special meeting initiated by Mr. Adolf Jílek, Chairman of the Management Board of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization with Mr. Pavel Habarta, SŽDC´s Executive Director, newly stipulated decision-making principles related to the signing procedure of legal documents by SŽDC´s 2nd Deputy Director General come into force . The chairman of the Management Board and Pavel Habarta, SŽDC´s Executive Director have reached an agreement at the time when the issue of interpretation of legal effects of board meetings after the so-called delivery of the resolution signed by the Management Board was publicized in the media.

23.02.2012 Clarifying information about the situation at SŽDC presented by some information media

Thursday´s issue of Journal E15 (23rd February 2012) included an article about the Railway Infrastructure Administrations (SŽDC), state organization presenting incomplete information and statements which might have been the product of misunderstanding on the side of the Ministry of Transport. Therefore SŽDC considers it important to clarify this situation. SŽDC is obliged to follow valid legal regulations, not any points of view or assumptions. Since we take it for wrong to fuel this by media targeted pressure towards SŽDC, we refuse to comment on further progress of those media issues, with the exception of the following information.

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