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16.03.2011 O nás

03.03.2011 Kontakty

25.02.2011 Safety of the Railway Infrastructure of the Czech Republic – SŽDC Priority

Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC), as the entity providing rail operation for ordinary life situations as well as in case of non-military and military emergency situations, has decided to significantly enhance the rail protection and the supervision over its own processes. The objective is to guarantee the maximum safety of SŽDC´s key operations. The decision follows the completed analysis of safety risks. The enhancement of the company´s safety is also associated with the upcoming transfer of the members of rail service staff from the Czech Railways, joint-stock company.

24.02.2011 Festive launch of the reconstruction of the railway station Přerov

„The Reconstruction of the railway station Přerov, Ist construction“ has been officially launched on today´s festive occasion.

23.02.2011 Kontakty

18.02.2011 Festive presentation of the book „From Prague to Kladno by Rail“

Jiří Ryvola and Mojmír Krejčiřík can be considered synonyms for poetic pictures and catching reading about the phenomenon called the railway. The abbreviation of SŽDC stands for the symbol of the railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic.

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