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06.08.2010 Statement to ongoing discussions regarding the look of the railway station Ústí nad Orlicí

In the matter of the current debate on the construction „Transit through the railway junction Ústí nad Orlicí“, the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) informs: In the context with the upcoming construction „Transit through the railway junction Ústí nad Orlicí“, unfounded information has recently emerged claiming that under the project while maintaining the original station building, a new fully functional station building will be built at high costs. However, the truth is that the investor Railway Infrastructure Administration is trying to achieve the opposite and this current debate should bring about a functional as well as economically justifiable solution.

07.07.2010 Construction of the new bridge in Kolin is in it's half-time

After nearly four months since demolishing work started on the Kolin railway bridge, the Directorate of Waterways CR and the companies Viamont DSP a. s., Eurovia CS, a.s. and EDS Holding, a.s., are reporting that the new half of the bridge is glowing above the Labe River. Builders can launch the demolishing work and the construction of the other half. The operation on the railway line will be maintained. Trains will be operated on one track only.

02.07.2010 Struktura OŘ

02.07.2010 Kontakt

22.06.2010 ILCAD SŽDC campaign

Prague, 22.06.2010 – Act safely at level crossings – this is this year´s motto for the International Level Crossing Awareness Day, joined by the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC) on behalf of the Czech Republic. The end of June becomes the time of assessing public education events focusing on the safety enhancement at level crossings for railway organizations in 45 countries around the world.

21.06.2010 ERTMS

17.06.2010 Festive launch of the reconstruction of the railway station section Bojkovice including interlocking plant

A symbolic hammer beat on a rail officially launched the reconstruction of the current yard at the railway station Bojkovice including a follow-up reconstruction of the signalling installation.

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