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04.01.2011 obyvatelstvo_2012x

27.12.2010 New solution for the output survey on SŽDC network

Prague, 27/12/2010 – Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC) and OLTIS Group a.s. signed the acceptance protocol for the solution of the information system KAPO. The objective of this system is the Calculation of track access charges for the railway infrastructure owned by SŽDC as the rail operator. Putting this system into operation in order to ensure correct functioning of the liberalized railway transport market was crucial for SŽDC. Track access charges from carriers total approximately CZK 4,5 billion per year and any error in the charges would lead either to revenue losses from rail operation or to complaints and claims from carriers.

22.12.2010 Czech railway presents the fifth big project to be co-funded by the European Union

Prague, 22/12/2010 – The European Commission adopted the fifth big investment project (over € 50 million). It represents another investment of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. The optimization of the section Stříbro – Planá u Mariánských Lázní is part of III Railway Transit Corridor. The anticipated contribution from EU Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport is approximately CZK 2.6 billion. It needs to be stressed that this fifth EU contribution like the previous four ones applies to railway investments again.

03.12.2010 Kontakty

02.12.2010 Katalog 2011

26.11.2010 Accident rate at level crossings continually rises

Drivers, respect the level crossings! This could be the common appeal of the Ministry of Transport, the Railway Infrastructure Administration and the Rail Inspection of the Czech Republic.

16.11.2010 The completion of the project reconstruction of the railway station Olomouc

In the III Quarter of 2010, the project Reconstruction of the railway station Olomouc was developed. This project is a significant transport construction of the railway infrastructure.

15.11.2010 Shift of freight from roads to rail

Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC) applies a modification to the track access charge, thus encouraging undertakings to utilize rail for goods transportation.

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