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16.07.2009 Modernization in the section Doubí u Tábora - Tábor completed

It is a nearly 12 km-ong section between Doubí u Tábora and Tábor which is a part of IV National Railway Transit Corridor. The section was turned into two-track during the modernization and at present the trains can travel here at the speed of up to 160 km/h. Also, the railway stations Planá nad Lužnicí and Tábor as well as the stop Sezimovo Ústí were renovated. The passengers can enjoy a comfortable and barrier-free access to approach the trains – provided by new island platforms.

15.07.2009 Videogalerie old

14.07.2009 The railway section Velká nad Veličkou - Veselí nad Moravou in operation

The railway section between Velká nad Veličkou and Veselí nad Moravou has been repaired. The continuous track possession ended at 12:00 on Wednesday 15. 7.

10.07.2009 Národní předpisy

08.07.2009 Optimization of the section Zbiroh - Rokycany started

The construction Optimization of the section Zbiroh – Rokycany consists of adjustment of the railway section between those railway stations, including enhancement of the track speed, platform renovation, platform construction, increase in axle load, upgrade of signalling and communication device etc. It includes four railway stations: Zbiroh, Kařízek, Holoubkov, Rokycany and the stops Mýto and Svojkovice.

02.07.2009 Managing board

01.07.2009 Operation on lines after the flood

The operation on the railway network of Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) in the Czech Republic is getting better after the flood. The lines operation from Suchdol nad Odrou to Nový Jičín was restored. The operation on four lines of regional significance is still interrupted and there is operation limited to one track on a corridor line Přerov – Ostrava in the section Hranice na Moravě – Suchdol nad Odrou.

25.06.2009 European Level Crossing Awareness Day

The European Level Crossing Awareness Day focuses on educational measures and the promotion of safe behaviour at and around level crossings. It is built on existing national events which will be held jointly at various locations and constructed around the common message "Stop accidents! Europe for Safer Level Crossings!" Additionally, several countries outside Europe such as Australia, Canada, India and South-Africa have shown their interest in this initiative and joined this European Awareness Level Crossing Day.

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