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12.05.2009 Rail operability

Rail operability

12.05.2009 About us

about SŽDC

12.05.2009 Rail operation

Rail operation

12.05.2009 Rail modernization

Rail modernization

05.05.2009 Festive completion of the optimization of the section Plzeň-Stříbro

Plzeň, 5.5.2009 – The first of the constructions on the western branch of III Railway Transit Corridor, an over 30 km long section between Plzeň and Stříbro, has been festively completed today.

04.05.2009 Reconstructed stop Kunovice

The stop Kunovice- the stop has a new shelter.

27.04.2009 Dismantling of the so-called Malá Hrabovka

From 8. 5. at 7:00 to 10. 5. 2009 16:00 the streets of Trocnovská and Husitská and the crossroad of these streets will be closed. The reason for this closure is continuing implementation of the construction New Link comprising removal and subsequent dismantling of the steel supporting structure of the bridge Malá Hrabovka across the crossroad of the streets Husitská and Trocnovská.

27.03.2009 Optimization of the section Beroun-Zbiroh started

Zbiroh, 27.3.2009 – A higher track speed of 120-130 km/h for standard sets and 150-160 km/h for units with tilting boxes (on spots with applied modernization features) and a more comfortable access to trains in all stations and stops – and more will be offered by the construction "Optimization of the section Beroun - Zbiroh" on the section Praha–Plzeň.

26.03.2009 Conference of railway specialists in Jihlava

Jihlava hosted a three-day national conference entitled Railway Infrastructure 2009. This event was attended by 400 specialists dealing with the railway infrastructure from the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic. The event was held by Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).

19.02.2009 International conference on EU priorities

Prague hosted one of the most significant European conferences focusing on the issues of long-distance control of the rail operation. Participants acknowledged main objectives and tasks for common European railway strategy.

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