Information on asset privatization

The Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization, privatizes part of assets from the Annex to Act No.77/2002 Coll., as amended, whereas revenues resulting from the privatization of these assets are earmarked for the debt settlement of the former Czech Railways, state organization.

(the complete version of Act No.77/2002 Coll. including Annex is available at – bookmark Acts.)

Privatization is divided into:

  1. Housing stock privatization – item No. 3 of the above-mentioned Annex to the Act
  2. Privatization of other assets – larger part of items from No 2. d) to 2.ccc)

ad 1.) Privatization of the housing stock of the former ČD, s.o., implemented pursuant to Act No. 92/1991 Coll., is almost completed and hundreds of residential buildings were transferred to the property of more than 350 housing associations. The housing associations are allowed to let these residential buildings be divided into housing units which may be transferred into individual ownership of the current members of the housing association. These acts, however, are fully within the scope of the authority of the housing association as the new real estate owner, whereas major decisions are always taken during the members´ meeting (see. respective statutes of the housing association). There are a few last privatization projects of the residential buildings that still need to be implemented as they were postponed for various reasons.

In connection with the housing stock, some property is still left to SŽDC which is now offered to the owners of the related real estate. This property will be privatized as well, either to a predetermined acquirer (e.g. the owner of the construction) or in the form of a business public tender advertised by the Ministry of Finance.

Shall you have any specific inquiries concerning these projects, please contact Ms. Alena Černá (phone: 222 335 462,

ad 2.) Privatization of other assets is implemented in line with provisions § 38a art. 1 and 3 Act No.77/2002 Coll., the procedure is amended by Act No. 92/1991 Coll.,on  terms of the state property transfer to new acquirers, as amended*).

If it is not the case of privatization to the predetermined acquirer (e.g. merged property), the Ministry of Finance advertises business public tenders which are then published on the website of the ministry, including the terms and conditions.

For more information on relevant items, please contact:

Dagmar Jiráková, 222 335 417,

As at 29.3.2012, the following table presents assets that still need to be transferred.

  Asset specification in the Annex to Act No. 77/2002 Coll.
2. d) Traťová strojní  stanice Ústí n/L, část – výpravní budova žst. Duchcov
2. f) Dílny pro opravu mechanizmů Pardubice, část stavba v Pardubicích
2. p) DRAHSTAV Bohumín, Mechanizační středisko a stavební oddíl Bohumín
2. r) DRAHSTAV Bohumín,část stavebního oddílu Opava
2. s) DRAHSTAV Bohumín,areál stavebního oddílu Kunčice nad Ostravicí
2. t) DRAHSTAV Bohumín,část stavebního oddílu Český Těšín
2. aa) SRUZ Olomouc, RRS  „NIVA“, Luhačovice - určité pozemky 
2. bb) SRUZ Olomouc, vývařovna „ENVELOPA“
2. rr) Železniční poliklinika Brno, stavba polikliniky Křídlovická 78, Brno
2. uu) Mostní obvod Ústí nad Labem, část vahařského střediska v Jablonném v Podj.
2. xx) Traťová distance Kladno, část mechanizační okrsek Kladno
2. yy) Traťová distance Kralupy nad Vltavou, část mostního okrsku Vraňany
2. zz) Traťová distance Liberec, část mechanizačního okrsku Liberec

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