Programme TEN-T

Start Finish Name
01.06.2008 31.12.2016 Corridor E: ERTMS trackside equipment in the Czech republic
01.08.2010 31.12.2012 Optimisation of railway section Prague Hostivař – Prague Main Railway Station (Preparation of construction design documentation)
01.05.2009 30.11.2011 Modernization of the Tabor - Sudomerice u Tabora line, detailed design
01.04.2010 30.09.2011 Modernization of railway section Veseli nad Luznici - Tabor - II part, section Veseli nad Luznici - Doubi u Tabora, detailed design
01.10.2009 30.09.2011 Modernization of the Nemanice - Sevetin railway section - preliminary design
01.04.2009 31.10.2010 Reconstruction of railway-station Olomouc
01.12.2006 31.12.2009 Studies concerning the modernisation of the railway track line Blazonice-Nezamyslice: Preliminary design, EIA, geotechnical documentation
01.03.2006 28.02.2009 Rokycany - Plzeň railway line modernization project
01.04.2008 31.01.2009 Reconstruction of the railway station Přerov
01.06.2006 31.12.2008 Studies (planning technical study and preparatory documentation) concerning the construction of the new railway section "Usti nad Orlici - Chocen" and the passage through the railway junction "Usti nad Orlici"
01.09.2006 30.06.2008 Studies concerning the modernisation of the railway section Votice -Benesov u Prahy
01.06.2006 31.03.2008 Studies concerning the modernisation of the railway section Hostivar-Prague Main Railway Station and the western part of the Prague Main Railway Station
01.03.2006 31.03.2008 Preliminary design stuides - Modernisation of the line section Praha-Kladno with connection to Ruzyne Airport - Stage I
01.03.2006 31.12.2007 Technical and economic study on the Czech section: Horni Dvoriste State Border - Ceske Budejovice
01.11.2006 31.07.2007 Studies concerning the reconstruction of the railway junction in Breclav - detailed design
01.10.2006 31.07.2007 Optimization of the rail section between Most u Jablunkova (state border with Slovakia) and Bystřice nad Olší – construction project
01.12.2004 30.11.2006 Optimization of the Railway Section Břeclav – State Border CR/SR

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