The ISPA fund (Instrument for Structural Policies Pre-Accession) was determined for candidate states for accession to the EU. In the case of the Czech Republic it used the ISPA fund in the period from 2000 to May 2004, i.e. up until accession of the Czech Republic to the EU.

The ISPA fund was aimed at improving the level of infrastructure in the transport and environment sectors. The focus of the fund and its procedures was similar to that of the EU Cohesion Fund so that there would be a smooth transition to utilisation of the Cohesion Fund, which ISPA basically transformed into upon accession of the Czech Republic into the EU.

RIA, as the successor organisation to Czech Railways, state organisation, took over responsibility for utilisation of EU funds for the railway infrastructure of the Czech Republic as of 1st January 2003 as the end recipient and simultaneously as the investor. Primarily this entailed accepting steering and coordinating functions during realisation of projects co-financed from the ISPA fund, specifically projects Optimisation of track section Ústí nad Orlicí – Česká Třebová and Modernisation of track section Záboří – Přelouč.

It is interesting to note that projects for the removal of damages caused in 2002 as a result of flooding on the railway infrastructure were also co-financed from the ISPA fund. All resources which could be drawn from European funds for railway projects were utilised. Precisely: a figure of 4.2 billion CZK represents the amount of available funds drawn from the ISPA pre-accession fund for railway projects between 2000-2006.

Start Finish Name
01.12.2002 01.10.2004 Modernization of the Záboří - Přelouč railway section
01.06.2002 01.02.2004 Optimization of the Ústí nad Orlicí - Česká Třebová railway section

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