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Accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union allowed the Czech Republic to draw on financial resources from European Union funds.

The Operational Programme Infrastructure was one of five operational programmes in the Czech Republic in the programming period 2004 - 2006. The programme came into existence under government decree No. 149/2003 through the merger of previously approved programming documents OP Transport (adopted by government decree No. 14/2003) and OP Environment (adopted by government decree No. 82/2003), which were prepared by the responsible ministries, i.e. the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of the Environment. The Ministry of the Environment was nominated as the steering body.

The Operational Programme Infrastructure was aimed at supporting projects to do with transportation and the environment which were co-financed from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). You can find more information about the Operational Programme Infrastructure at www.opinfrastruktura.cz.

ERDF was determined for reducing the differences between levels of development and environments of various regions and reducing the extent by which the most disadvantaged regions were lagging. ERDF also provided a contribution to settle the most serious regional imbalances in the EU by sharing in the development and structural adaptation of those areas that were lagging behind and for assisting economic and social transformation in the areas.

The Management Authority (MA) of the Operational Programme Infrastructure approved nine projects which had been submitted by RIA as part of Priority 1 – Modernisation and development of transport infrastructure of nation-wide importance, Measure 1.1. – Modernisation of lines of nation-wide importance and of important railway junctions.

The total EU contribution received by RIA as part of the Operational Programme Infrastructure amounts to more than 1 billion CZK.

Start Finish Name
01.11.2005 01.11.2007 Electrification of Ostrava (Main Train Station) – Ostrava Kunčice railway section
01.10.2006 01.12.2006 Electrification of Šatov - state border railway section
01.09.2006 01.12.2006 Construction of Brno-Lesna train stop
01.09.2006 01.12.2006 Reconstruction of the railway track Sokolnice - Chrlice, 3rd construction
01.11.2005 01.10.2006 Modernization of railway station Hluboká nad Vltavou
01.09.2005 01.06.2006 Increasing of speed on the railway line Plzeň – Česká Kubice
01.08.2005 01.02.2006 Reconstruction of switches in railway station Křižanov
01.11.2004 01.06.2005 Increasing of speed on the railway line Veselí nad Lužnicí – Horní Cerekev between railway stations Popelín – Počátky Žirovnice
01.11.2004 01.05.2005 Increasing of speed on the line section between railway stations Cheb and Františkovy Lázně

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