The Railway Network in the Czech Republic

Railway transport in the territory of the Czech Republic dates back to the 1830´s. This network was then taken over by the Czechoslovak Republic at the time of its creation after the collapse of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

The state has been almost exclusively the predominant owner and operator of the railway lines in our territory throughout its history although railways have also experienced periods when it was not so.

Nowadays, the owner of the majority of railway lines in the Czech Republic is the state represented by SŽDC, státní organizace. ČD a.s. is the biggest national carrier.

During its existence our railway has transported hundreds of billions of passengers and hundreds of billions of freight tonnes. It is currently ranked the 4th in Europe in terms of its volume of transportation.

SŽDC has become the guarantor of operability, modernization and development of the railway system in the Czech Republic.


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