Project „Implementation of TSI-TAF into SŽDC´s information systems“ commenced


Prague, 19 December 2011 – the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization launched the project „Implementation of TSI-TAF into SŽDC´s information systems“. The project implementation contributes to enhanced competitiveness of the railway freight transport, better reputationof the railway freight transport in the Czech Republic and to stronger competition towards the road transport. The nature of the project consists in the upgrade and the innovation of SŽDC´s information systems and their communication interconnection, in setting-up the data interaction and transmission in such a way that their subsequent operation can comply with the requirements defined by TSI-TAF (telematic applications in the freight transport).



The harmonization of telematic applications between the railway infrastructure (SŽDC) and the carriers will ensure the interconnection of the information systems at the national level within the EU; it represents the integration of data exchange and communication platforms of different infrastructure operators and carriers. The implementation of standards of telematic applications in the freight transport will allow smooth and effortless cross-border link-up of the information service which is the key factor to ensure the quality of the international railway services, in particular within the rapidly growing segment of the international freight transport. The project has been implemented in compliance with the Decree of the European Commission (EC 62/2006 TSI-TAF).

In the area of railway transport/railway infrastructure administration in the Czech Republic, SŽDC fulfils a function equivalent to the function of the Air Navigation Services in the air transport, in which such a harmonization has already taken place.

Meeting all the basic and alternate targets shall contribute to the desirable situation in the area of the railway freight transport in the Czech Republic, not only in terms of telematic applications. It shall result in the extension and higher quality of TEN-T railway network, the implementation of TSI applications of the European conventional railway system into the railway system of the Czech Republic, thus interconnecting the information and telecommunication systems of the railway network with the neighbouring network as well as interconnecting within the Czech Republic – between SŽDC as the infrastructure operator and railway organizations.

The objective of the development of SŽDC´s information and telecommunication systems is the implementation of respective specifications to ensure their new functions fully comply with the European standard (bringing the Czech railway system to the level defined by TSI-TAF/adapting the parameters to EU standards). This will create an integrated communication channel among the infrastructure operators and among the carriers within the EU including the standardization of the information links.

Partial goals of technical nature

  • Enhanced safety, speed, operation continuity, optimization of the data exchange within traffic control in order to enhance its reliability and track capacity.
  • Technical and operational provision of the communication/consolidation and the integration of the current information systems and databases.
  • Monitoring and forecasting the transport progress, ordering the path capacity.
  • Operation promotion – operative and basic planning of transport, path capacity allocation, monitoring train rides in real-time, producing electronic accompanying documentation.
  • A high-quality standardized data exchange among infrastructure operators and carriers.
  • Making other communication channels accessible (e.g. a wireless transmission network and mobile communication device - type PDA).


Alternate targets/benefits

  • Enhanced competitiveness and even service level of the Czech railway network.
  • Reducing operating and maintenance cost, more efficient information systems of traffic control.
  • Higher demands for the national railway network.
  • Better reputation of the Czech railway freight transport.
  • Less human involvement in the operation of the telecommunication and information system, increase in the introduction of electronic devices for the transmission and storage of data and information.
  • Reducing the emissions of exhaust fumes as a result of lower demands for road freight transport.


The project has been co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport from the Cohesion Fund in the priority axis 1 – Modernization of the railway network TEN-T, area of support 1.2. – Ensuring interoperability on the current railway lines, Harmonization with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI) and the Development of telematic systems (non-infrastructure part), Programme Interoperability in the railway transport, Subprogramme 127 333 – Implementation of the subsystem telematics – TSI telematic applications in the freight transport of the trans-European conventional railway system (hereinafter referred to as „TSI-TAF“).

The project costs total CZK 72,360,000. The project has been approved to be co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport. The maximum level of assistance from the OPT isCZK 25,436,250, which is 42.50% of the eligible cost. The remaining part is covered by the national funds from the state budget and SŽDC´s own sources.

The contractors of the relevant sections of the project are AŽD Praha s.r.o., Institut Jana Pernera o.p.s. and OLTIS Group a.s. Following the work schedule, the project shall be completed in December 2012.


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