First stage of the Project - TSI-TAF implementation into SŽDC information systems festively closed by a technical seminar


Prague, 29 May 2013 – Today the Railway Infrastructure Administration closed festively the first stage of the Project “TSI-TAF implementation into SŽDC information systems” by a technical seminar. The seminar summarised activities carried out up to now as well as performing scheduled tasks. The basic overall objective is of course the obligation to observe requirements of EC Regulation No 62/2006 pursuant to TSI-TAF. Thus the project contributes in a substantial way to bringing required harmonisation in the field of railway freight transport into life.



The basic starting element and overall objective of the whole project is a process of harmonising telematics applications in the Czech Republic with European regulation in the field of railway freight transport. The harmonisation requirement and its technical specification ensues from EC Regulation No 62/2006/ES on Technical Specifications on the Interoperability of the subsystem for telematics ap-plications in freight transport within the trans-European conventional rail system (hereinafter ”TSI-TAF“). The Regulations are binding by their nature and directly applicable in every EU member country without the necessity to transpose them into member countries’ legal systems. Innovation processes within SŽDC as infrastructure manager are crucial.

Balancing the difference in the system of railway freight transport management in the Czech Republic in general enhances the importance and reputation of this kind of transport and related services in our country. This will result in the future in increased use of railway freight transport with positive yield ef-fects and indirectly also to a positive influence in the field of environment. In future stages, realisation of this project will have an impact onto economy as well as it increases railway freight transport com-petitiveness in the Czech Republic by means of complementary partial reasons for the project realisa-tion, especially of technical nature such as increasing safety, speed and continuity of operation, opti-misation of traffic control and reliability by introducing new technologies while simultaneously decreasing operation and maintenance costs and increasing railway infrastructure capacity.

The existing system of freight railway transport planning and management was given by historical de-velopment of the system and it was already unsuitable before implementation start from the point of view of route preparation, of the train ride as such and of keeping data. The system was falling behind EU standards and did not correspond to TSI-TAF requirements. Problematic aspects mentioned above interfered with the economic aspects as well by decreasing freight railway transport competitiveness, both from the international point of view (towards neighbouring countries) and from the point of view of freight transport competitive ways. A lower share of freight transport has therefore a direct impact on SŽDC economy in form of a lower charge for capacity allocation and railway infrastructure use being collected.

The project is being co-financed by the European Union within the Operational Programme Transport from the Cohesion Fund in the priority axis 1 – Modernisation of the TEN-T railway network, support  field 1.2. – Ensuring interoperability on current railway lines, ensuring compliance with technical speci-fications for interoperability (TSI) and telematics systems development (non-infrastructure part), of the Railway Transport Interoperability programme, Sub-Programme 127 333 – Implementation of sub-system telematics – TSI telematics applications in freight transport of the Trans-European Conven-tional Rail System.

According to the OPT approving protocol, total project expenses amount 72.360,000 CZK. The project was approved in 2011 for co-financing from the Cohesion fund within OPT. The support rate amounts  25.436,250 CZK at maximum which equals 42.5% of qualified costs. The remaining part is being co-financed from national resources by means of the national budget and from SŽDC’s own resources.


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