Rail operability

Rail operability relates to maintaining good technical conditions of the railway infrastructure, ensuring its safe and smooth operation. This term derives from Act on Rail Systems No. 266/1994 Coll. Providing rail operability is a crucial task for every rail operator. SŽDC currently operates the nationwide rail network and most regional rail networks in the Czech Republic.

Basic tasks in the area of operability include:

  • Management of the railway infrastructure assets
  • Maintenance and repair of the railway infrastructure
  • Infrastructure safety during rail operation

The extent of SŽDC's railway network as of 1 January 2012

Description unit
total length of lines 9,470.16 km
electrified lines 3,207.51 km
standard-gauge lines 9,447.55 km
narrow-gauge lines 22.61 km
single-track lines 7,557.13 km
double and multi-track lines 1,913.03 km
total structural length of lines 15,552.46 km
switches 24,54 s.u.
bridges 6,735
tunnels 158
total length of tunnels 42,743.91 m

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