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21.08.2017 Náchod Railway Station Is a Dignified Entrance Gate into the City

SŽDC has completed the first major reconstruction of the passenger building since taking over the railway station management last summer. The state organisation took over from České dráhy and finalised the last phase of repairs. At the end of summer holidays, the renovated Náchod railway station will start serving passengers while respecting the already completed bus terminal construction.

07.08.2017 A Unique Roofing Will Connect Masaryk Station with the Main Station

The planned modernisation of Masaryk Station registers another step. SŽDC has been ordering a preparation of a project intent and an updated documentation for the modernisation and completion of the railway station Praha Masarykovo nádraží (Prague Masaryk Station). Instead of the originally proposed underpass under the railway station, the construction will include a new vestibule as roofing. The elaborated project intent, approved by the Central Committee of the Ministry of Transport, can be followed by the documentation’s completion for purposes of territorial proceedings.

26.07.2017 Travelling by Train from Prague to Munich Will Take Less than Four Hours. The Plan Was Signed by the Czech and Bavarian Ministers of Transport

The first Czech-Bavarian railway summit in Furth im Wald dealt with improving transport connection between Prague and Munich, especially increasing the trains’ speed and railway connections’ capacity. At the end of the summit, Mr. Dan Ťok, Minister of Transport of the Czech Republic signed with his Bavarian counterpart Mr. Joachim Herrmann a common declaration on improving the cross-border railway infrastructure with the objective to shorten down travelling time from Prague to Munich to less than four hours till 2030.

10.07.2017 SŽDC Has Spent CZK 215 Million for Repair and Construction Works in the First Year of Railway Stations Administration

Just a year ago, a long-awaited transfer of railway stations under SŽDC took place. For the first year of the railway stations administration, the state organization has spent over CZK 215 million for repairs, building modifications or project preparations. There are fully completed 149 construction projects worth nearly CZK 110 million. Dozens of larger or smaller repairs are in progress. The transformation, for instance, took place at the stations in Kostomlaty nad Labem, Dobříš, or Rakovník. In August, the last stage of the reconstruction of Náchod railway station will have been completed. Passengers are using a new railway station in Karlovy Vary or Česká Lípa.

07.07.2017 Prague has become the capital city of European railways today

A meeting of Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of leading European railway companies and associations has been held today in Prague within the framework of the planned summit, in order to discuss current trends in railway transport. The summit is attended by 17 CEOs of railway organisations. The organisers of this event are this time České dráhy, a.s. and Správa železniční dopravní cesty, s.o.

29.06.2017 List of Long-Term Holiday Closures on the SŽDC Network

Every year, summer holidays is a period when people who are not regular customers of railway carriers travel by train as well. At the same time, however, a considerable amount of line closures is also taking place due to repair and modernisation works. In order to avoid unexpected complications while taking trips by train, SŽDC as the infrastructure manager brings an overview of the most important restrictions which will occur in July and August on its railway network.

27.06.2017 Cross-Border Cooperation Project Helps Preparing a Planned High-Speed Line from Prague to Dresden

Travelling by train between Prague and Dresden in 52 minutes; in 2035, this should be one of the specific results of a project starting by a conference which took place on 22 June in Ústí nad Labem with the participation of partners from the Czech Republic and Saxony.

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21.06.2017 SŽDC Student Cup Premiere in Ostrava

On Thursday 22 June, the playground of the High School of Technology and Transport in Ostrava-Vítkovice will be for the first time a setting for the sports and educational SŽDC project called Student Cup. Approximately 300 pupils from 7th and 8th grades of primary schools from Ostrava and its neighbourhood will meet there. Both knowledge tests and interesting sports competitions will be prepared for them.

19.06.2017 The New SŽDC Logo Emphasises the Company’s Clear Role and Position. It Improves the Public Awareness of the State Organisation

SŽDC sets clearly defined rules of the company’s identity which are in accordance with the organisation’s values in order to increase its image and contribute to a clear perception of the company by the general public. It was therefore of crucial importance to elaborate a new graphic of the organisation’s written name, a complementary graphic symbol and a unified visual style which can be applied in all fields of SŽDC’s activity. This January, the state organisation called a tender for a new graphic rendering of the logo. The tender’s winner was the studio Marvil. The winning logo’s shape will appear in the 2018 timetable publication this December. It will be implemented gradually during the years to follow within operation, maintenance and modernisation.

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