Cross-border Cooperation for the Development of Railways Saxony-Czech Republic 

The Prague – Dresden railway line is a part of the corridor of Orient/East-Med, the main European transport network. The line's capacity is limited in the Elbe Valley in particular particular where it can no longer be increased.

Both the Czech Republic and Saxony are aware of the great importance of this railway line. With this project, they want to take the next step of preparations for a new railway line outside the Elbe Valley and to improve the cooperation among authorities and institutions.

The following common objectives are associated with the new railway line:

  • More capacity for rail freight and passenger transport
  • Shorter travel times for rail passenger transport between Dresden and Ústí nad Labem (Aussig), continuing to Prague
  • Elbe Valley protection from noise by moving the rail freight transport to a new railway line
  • Separating the rail freight transport and the long-distance rail passenger transport on the Czech side in the Ústí nad Labem – Prague section
  • Connecting the Czech Republic to the European high-speed rail system
  • Route designed via locations where the risk of flooding the rails in the event of floods is minimised 

The Free State of Saxony will use the existing preparation works as well as results of the project design as the basis for a further assessment and evaluation of this aim as part of the Federal Transport Infrastructure Plan (BVWP).


The key benefit of this project is in particular the intensification and expansion of cooperation between Czech and German institutions with the aim of promoting and developing cross-border railway transport in connection with the planned high-speed railway line Dresden – Ústí nad Labem – Prague. Other benefits include the acquisition of information from expert analyses relevant for institutions' decisions in both countries when planning the transport development and community amenities, the improvement of the knowledge of citizens' local conditions and needs in social and economic areas and proposals for the benefits of high-quality and modern transport.

In addition to transport and socio-economic sections, the project's third pillar is the geological section, the objective of which is the expert assessment of the geological structure of the area where the high-speed route will lead, including a geological 3D model of the area surveyed.

All of the above-mentioned activities aim to facilitate the implementation of the Prague – Dresden high-speed line, the benefits of which include in particular:

  • Shortening the travel time from Ústí nad Labem to Dresden and consequently from Prague to Berlin
  • Better connection of Saxony and the north-western part of Bohemia to the long-distance railway transport network in the European Union
  • Reducing the noise burden on the Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland region, which is attractive to tourists
  • Increasing the freight transport capacity
  • Closer economic and cultural cooperation between the Czech Republic and Germany 
  • Promoting employment
  • Improving the transport flow in the central area of the East Mediterranean corridor









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