Press statement on the situation on the line Číčenice – Volary


PRAGUE, 4th February 2011 – Enhanced safety of rail operation is the priority for the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC). Approximately CZK 3 billion is annually invested in the modernization of the safety and signalling system within the railway network of the Czech Republic.

Rail transport on the single-track regional line Číčenice – Volary is organized in line with the standard and safe procedure as on other tens of regional lines in the Czech Republic.  The technical complication on this line and on some other regional lines lies in the so-called passing loops, i.e. spots intended for train crossing. This way to control traffic is, however, sufficient and safe with regard to traffic utilization. By unfortunate events and coincidence the line Ćíčenice – Volary experienced in the last few years a third case of an accident which was most likely caused by human error.

In 2007, the Railway Infrastructure Administration decided to install (in the form of the pilot project) safety superstructure, the so-called Radioblok on this line. Fast implementation of this system is currently prevented by legislative hindrances. A part of the Radioblok system is also a device placed in the traction unit (locomotive). This represents financial cost for carriers which, however, cannot be covered by SŽDC. The current legislation does not give the Railway Infrastructure Administration the competence to prescribe the installation of such a device to carriers. In order to make the system truly functional, the Rail Authority of ČR must issue a decision on obligatory compatibility of the guided vehicle with the line equipped with Radioblok. The launch of the whole system is conditioned by tackling these issues.

Contrary to the original time schedule, the pilot project Radioblok (constructions on SŽDC´s infrastructure) will be completed on the line Číčenice – Volary three months earlier, i.e. in November this year.


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