Press statement on the situation on the line Vyškov - Ivanovice na Hané


Prague, 10/06/2011 – In connection with the accident which occurred in the track section Vyškov – Ivanovice na Hané on 5. 6. 2011, Ing. Pavel Habarta, SŽDC´s Executive Director, issues the following order:

As a result of alleged participation in the cause of the accident, the section inspector responsible for the respective area and his subordinate foreman were dismissed. The section affected by the accident currently allows low speed of 30 km/h. It is ordered to maintain low travel speed in case of high temperature in the track section with loose fasteners until they are drawn tight or replaced (the so-called temperature slow rides).In the following days, all bolts of the fasteners have to be greased and drawn tight with an anticipated outcome by 30 June 2011.

In connection with the accident other more radical personnel changes will be made in the following days.

As of today, special inspections on all SŽDC´s lines started, focusing on the functionality of the fasteners.

It is ordered as a priority to allocate all financial means, which were previously saved during some other competitive tendering, to the reconstruction of superstructure. The directors of the organization units have the full authority to select the line to be repaired.


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