Declaration to the decision of the company ARRIVA vlaky s.r.o.


Prague, 11 December 2013 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SZDC) takes into consideration the decision of the company ARRIVA vlaky s.r.o. to stop operation of commercial trains on the allocated route Praha – Kralupy nad Vltavou. We strictly disagree however with the declaration of ARRIVA vlaky s.r.o. that  the reason for ending regular operation should consist in closure works or even non-allocating railway capacity to this railway undertaking by the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SZDC).

The railway undertaking ARRIVA vlaky s.r.o. did not order any trains within the delays published in the Network Statement for the new 2014 timetable. SZDC therefore considers itself to be aggrieved by repeated false statements of this company.

The argument over an inability to provide full comfort and regular operation for passengers sounds very doubtful if we take into account that SZDC advises every separate railway undertaking of closure works in advance so that it may adopt appropriate measures, but mostly because of the reason that the company ARRIVA vlaky s.r.o. itself started its testing operation on the line Praha – Kralupy and Vltavou precisely on the first day of a long-term closure on this railway line.

Regular capacity allocated in the timetable to the company ARRIVA vlaky s.r.o. notwithstanding, this company did not operate transport it had originally notified in full extent as ordered in the past. Neither is the line quite regular in the present, as the company’s representatives try to make an impression in this issue. The railway undertaking shortened the connection, did not operate it for a considerable part of the year and limited the trains’ calendar as well. The decision to abandon this connection is therefore fully up to this company management and is not related to SZDC’s activities in any way.

SZDC would logically act against its own interests if it did not allocate free capacity to a railway undertaking for operating rail transport from which financial means go to the benefit of the infrastructure manager. Therefore SZDC appeals to ARRIVA vlaky s.r.o. company management to refrain from similar declarations in the future and to inform the travelling public without prejudice.


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