SŽDC´s Response to Czech Television News Report


The Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) issues a press release concerning inaccurate information presented in the news report by Luboš Rosí from the Czech Television.

The Czech Television presented a news report by Luboš Rosí in the news programme Události (Events) dated 2.11.2011, focusing on the increasing number of serious railway accidents. The blame was put on insufficient maintenance and the neglect of duties of the rail operator, i.e. SŽDC. SŽDC objects to these allegations:

The reporter introduced a comparison of the number of serious railway accidents of relevant years. The news report, however, did not indicate that the numbers of each year always applied to the period January-October (the background documentation for the news report clearly stated that).

The reporter also referred to 17 serious accidents which had occurred that year and the primary cause had been described as insufficient and neglected maintenance of the lines. We want to stress that this year only 8 serious accidents have occurred on the railway network administered by SŽDC. Only one case has confirmed the responsibility of the rail operator – rail service-related human error – traffic controller. Five cases have confirmed the responsibility of carriers – in particular engine drivers.
Those 17 accidents mentioned in the news report apparently include tram accidents or accidents of other rail operators.

It is not true that in case of serious railway accidents the main cause consists in insufficient conditions of the infrastructure. We also need to point out that the news report mentions two railway accidents (Brno Maloměřice and Vyškov) which are not classified as serious railway accidents since nobody was killed and the damage did not exceed CZK 5 million.

From SŽDC´s viewpoint, the reporter fails to properly process the provided information. Incorrect manipulation with the figures leads to a biased presentation of the real situation and the whole news report thus negatively affects the Railway Infrastructure Administration and damages the reputation of the company.


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