A guided vehicle collides with a bus at the level crossing


Prague, 25 May 2012 – In connection with today´s contingency at the level crossing in Třešť, during which a guided vehicle collided with a bus, it is necessary to stress following facts.

Level crossing No. 6417 in the track section Třešť─Sedlejov is in compliance with the Railway Act equipped with the flashing light crossing protection installation, supplemented with distinct sound warning during the level crossing protection (trains approaching). Part of the traffic signs "Level crossing" is made of reflective material.

The level crossing is also equipped with recording device which will prove that the crossing protection installation worked flawlessly as the guided vehicle was approaching. This fact has also been preliminarily confirmed in the statement of the Railway Inspectorate of the Czech Republic. It is obvious that the traffic rules have been violated in this case.

According to the information of the Railway Inspectorate of the Czech Republic, 16 people were killed as a result of 62 collisions
at level crossings since the beginning of this year, which makes 10 people more compared to the same period last year.

In order to prevent these tragic events, it would be ideal to cancel all of 8,161 level crossings managed by SŽDC and to replace some of them with overpasses or underpasses. That would, however, call for investments of tens of billions of Czech crowns.

Unfortunately, this exceeds the financial limits of SŽDC, or rather of the Czech Republic. In addition to annual significant investments in enhanced protection of level crossings representing hundreds of millions of Czech crowns, it is most important
to launch preventive adult education programmes addressed to irresponsible drivers.

This year, SŽDC joins the International Level Crossing Awareness Day for the fourth time (7.6.2012).



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