Statement to ongoing discussions regarding the look of the railway station Ústí nad Orlicí


In the matter of the current debate on the construction „Transit through the railway junction Ústí nad Orlicí“, the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) informs:

In the context with the upcoming construction „Transit through the railway junction Ústí nad Orlicí“, unfounded information has recently emerged claiming that under the project while maintaining the original station building, a new fully functional station building will be built at high costs. However, the truth is that the investor Railway Infrastructure Administration is trying to achieve the opposite and this current debate should bring about a functional as well as economically justifiable solution.

The original plan for the reconstruction of the railway station Ústí nad Orlicí, aiming to remove the current station building, has been duly discussed under public law and provided with a lawful zoning and planning decision. The subsequent activities, especially by the Civic Association „We won´t give up our station“, and by declaring this object to be a cultural heritage by the Ministry of Culture CR, which however has not become effective yet, made the investor of the upcoming construction, after the approval of the Minister of Transport CR, adapt the project and at the same time preserve the original object.

There is a general consensus regarding the necessity to eliminate the atypical level crossing of the railway and the road connecting the centre of Ústí nad Orlicí with the urban district Kerhartice and the only access to the existing building. The draft therefore includes a radical change in the access of passengers to the area of the railway station - from a new station forecourt located south of the yard. This station forecourt with a much higher potential for a stop of Bus MHD (urban mass transportation) and the development of P+R system has been easily and smoothly linked to the newly built walkway and cyclist path and to the relocated local road. The access to new platforms as well as to the original building has been provided by means of a barrier-free underpass.

By preserving the original building, its owner and at the same time the carrier of ČD a.s. has been given an opportunity for further use for the benefit of the travelling public. There is, however, an absolute fact that for a certain number of passengers, particularly those travelling to Česká Třebová, the walk to purchase the train ticket in the current building would mean a longer walking distance. For that reason, the station forecourt area will be equipped with an information system, including a minimized space for basic check-in of passengers, which is the obligation of the rail operator. This draft solution has been requested mainly by the local authorities of Ústí nad Orlicí and supported by the standpoint of ČD a.s., which shows no further interest in the current station building.

The idea of the investor, which shall be presented by SŽDC, however, is to find a functional and first of all economically reasonable solution and not to implement any object that might substitute the carrier´s function in the current station building. To this end, the city of Ústí nad Orlicí and Czech Railways hold talks on the revision of the project documentation.

The only exception should be a separate, off-limits to the public and against unauthorized persons protected technological building for a new signalling installation with a transformer station which has been accomplished - by authority of the lawful zoning and planning decision - by the reconstruction of the unsuitable commercial warehouse.

Ing. Miroslav Konečný , Deputy Director General SŽDC

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