Information on the failures in the junction Prague 24. 1. 2011


On Monday, 24th January 2011 at 14:56:09 there was 22kV-power failure at the traction substation (NS) Balabenka caused by the impact of overcurrent protection. The most likely cause of this primary impact of overcurrent protection seems to be the overload of traction substation Balabenka. This might have been caused for instance by sharp increase of consumption in the contact line system. Another explanation may be the short circuit on the electric locomotive, possibly on its pre-heating, or the combination of all those events.

Unfortunately, there was a series of other power supply failures. There was voltage loss in the direction NS Třešňovka, NS Běchovice, NS Roztoky and floating condition on cables in the direction NS Balabenka - Libeň-NS Běchovice, NS Balabenka – Prague main station - Vršovice - NS Třešňovka, NS Balabenka - NS Roztoky. By unfortunate coincidence, NS Balabenka experienced the failure of the transformer station of its own consumption TVS11 and subsequently there was failure of all feeders 3kV and relevant feeders at neighbouring traction substations i.e. at NS Běchovice, NS Třešňovka, NS Roztoky, NS Chuchle. Next, there was failure of signalling control at the railway station Prague main station – railway station Prague Libeň and the section Prague Kralupy nad Vltavou. Power supply for signalling at the railway station Prague main station was restored within 40 minutes. The full operation in the junction Prague was restored at 18:55. A detailed analysis of the arisen situation is subject of another breakdown. Although it was all just a coincidence, SŽDC´s task is now to ensure that the railway junction Prague be ready for such a situation and capable of handling it operationally.


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