SŽDC´s signalling technology prevents a tragedy


Prague, 25/02/2011 – Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC) responds to some inaccurate information concerning the morning accident on the line Senice na Hané – Kostelec na Hané. It is definitely untrue that the line would not be equipped with sufficient measures eliminating the influence of a human factor in order to ensure safe operation control.

The tragedy was avoided thanks to a track radio system (TRS) utilizing the function GENERAL STOP. This function allowed the controlling dispatcher – after realizing that two trains had been dispatched heading in the opposite direction - to automatically stop both trains long distance. Thanks to this system the trains stopped at the distance of 1 kilometre and half.

Since 2004, the line has been controlled from the Unified Control Place at the railway station Senice na Hané. Yesterday at about 06:00 p.m., an attempt was made to steal one of the long-distance track cables ensuring the communication for the operation control on the line. For that reason, an emergency regime for the operation control was activated based on phone instructions of the dispatcher.

If this line had not been equipped with the track radio system with the function GENERAL STOP, it would have been impossible to prevent the collision. The real-life situation thus proved that SŽDC´s signalling system on this line flawlessly fulfilled its function even during the emergency operation control after the cable had been damaged.


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