Czech-Bavarian meeting of working group for the line reconstruction Aš-Selb


The reconstruction preparation of the line Selb-Plößberg – Aš continues. Nevertheless the operation start is supposed to be postponed for one year and it is expected in December 2014. This was announced by the infrastructure manager SŽDC, s. o. (Czech Republic) and DB Netz AG (Germany) at the Czech Bavarian meeting of the working group. Reasons of the shift exist on both sides.

It was decided in the Czech Republic to connect the reconstruction of the line with other investments so that e.g. culverts will be restored on the line section Aš - Aš state border and the Aš railway station will be completely reconstructed. This investments extension naturally required requests more time for project preparation.

In Germany compared to previous assumptions, separate building permission proceedings must take place for construction of the railway bridge across the Ekersreuth road bypass. Besides this a removal of natural trees seeding on the railway construction started in November 2012 due to environmental demands. The planned preparation of the building site and surveying could have started only after the end of the winter period, i.e. in March 2013.

All parties involved in the project didn’t hide some disappointment due to the shift of realization, but they have agreed that a conscientious preparation is more important than the opening of the line in a rash.

DB Netz AG has stressed that works accomplished on vegetation removal and testing drilling on the track do not represent the construction as such because they are only a part of construction preparation. For the start of construction works it is necessary to finalize the process leading to the building permit both for the construction of the bridge across the road bypass and for the line reconstruction as such. Both permits needed should be acquired in summer this year.

The participants of the working group have stressed that all works needed for the line reconstruction continue and resources are arranged the delay mentioned above notwithstanding.

Besides  representatives of both infrastructure administrators, other assistants from the city of Aš and Selb, the Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic and Bavaria, transport clients (Karlovy Vary region and BEG) as well as transport operators ČD and Agilis which will provide services on the restored line are also represented in the working group.


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