Festive completion of the optimization of the railway section Benešov - Strančice


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Benešov u Prahy, 11/11/2010 – The optimization of the railway section Benešov u Prahy – Strančice has been festively completed by unveiling a commemorative plaque today. The railway section from Benešov u Prahy to Strančice lies on km 133,270 157,220 and is a significant part of IV Railway Transit Corridor in the section – state border with Austria Prague. The construction has been co-funded from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport.

The investor of the construction was the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC). Ing. Pavel Habarta, MBA on behalf of SŽDC commented on today´s occasion: „The optimization of the section has enhanced the speed of passenger trains up to 135 km/h. Also, the capacity necessary for the suburban passenger transport has been enhanced. In terms of the freight, it was necessary to enhance the loading line class and clear space. The section thus complies with the conditions to shift freight from overloaded roads to rail.“ The travelling public can enjoy the benefits of comfort. New platforms at stations and train stops are 550 mm over the top of rail to allow passengers an easier entry and exit. The platform structure complies with the requirements for safe movement of visually-impaired and disabled persons. The access to the platform has been provided barrier-free, without crossing the main track.

In terms of artificial constructions 47 bridges, 40 culverts and one footbridge have been reconstructed. A dominant structure is without question the new railway bridge in Čerčany across the Sázava River. It is a beam interlocked steal-concrete structure of six fields with an overhead reinforced concrete bridge deck. The bridge is nearly 182 m long, 12,3 m wide and 14,3 m high. In addition to that, communication signalling systems of 3rd category have been upgraded – electronic interlocking has been installed at 3 railway stations and a block signalling system of the same category has been implemented along the whole length of the construction. In Benešov, the obsolete unsuitable sub-station has been replaced with a fully new traction sub-station and a transformer sub-station. There are 10 new level crossing safety installations. New electric switch heating has been installed at railway stations. The contractor of the construction was the Association Koridor IV., Benešov – Strančice, including the joint-stock companies Skanska (chief member), EUROVIA CS and Metrostav as members. The developer of the construction was SUDOP PRAHA a.s.

The construction has been co-funded from the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure and from EU Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport – co-funding level of 70.16 % of the eligible cost of the construction. EU contribution represents the maximum of CZK 2 800 660 283,-. Constriction cost amounts to CZK 3 808 905 725.

Techical data  
Length of the reconstructed section 23.95 km
Setting-up the rail UIC 60 46.9 km
Setting-up the rail S 49 5.96 km
Reconstructed railway bridges 46
Reconstructed culverts 41
Reconstructed level crossings 3
Implemented level crossing safety installations 3
New pedestrian underpasses 5
New switches total 56
Electric switch heating 53
Contact line system 60.7 km
Noise barriers 17.8 km
Individual noise-protection measures 18
Start October 2006
Completion August 2010



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