Optimization of the section Beroun - Zbiroh underway


Optimization of the section Beroun - Zbiroh underway

Hořovice, 13/10/ 2009 – The main benefit of the ongoing construction in the railway section between Beroun and Zbiroh will represent a higher line speed and a more comfortable access to trains in all stations and train stops. The total length of the reconstructed section is 23 647 m, of which the line relocation covers 7 510 m. The curve radius will be increased for the designed speed of 120 km/h on the new structure. A part of the construction is also a tunnel section. The length of the tunnel is going to be 324 m. The investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

The construction has been underway since last October. We present a summary of tasks that have been implemented. The possession of the 1st line track in the section of the junction point Popovice as far as the railway station Zdice (including station closure of the odd group of the railway station Zdice) took place from 1st July 2009 to 13th September 2009. This section underwent full rehabilitation and construction of new substructure, it offers new noise barriers and retaining walls and installation of new cabling and lighting. At the railway station Zdice the 1st phase of the underpass incl. the island platform between the 1st and the 3rd track and the platform near the station building including roofing was put into operation. A trial run was launched on 14th September 2009. Simultaneously, on 13th September the possession of the II line track in the section Popovice - Zdice including the odd group at the railway station Zdice started.

The former locomotive depot at the railway station Zdice is currently dealing with rehabilitation of track bed affected by the depot operation and at the same time a new route of a double-track section is being constructed. A most important part of the construction has also been the re-location of the high-pressure gas pipeline DN 300. The works were carried out on 20th September. The relocation of the overhead line ČEZ in the cutting in Zdice starts on 15th October 2009 and the relocation of the overhead line near the village of Kotopeky is under discussion.

Earthmoving of the cutting near Zdice and storage of the soil in the noise-protection mound near the village of Bavoryně proceed. Works on the embankments of line relocations near Praskolesy, Kotopeky and Hořovice proceed. Access roads are continuously reinforced and extended. The construction of a tunnel near the village of Osek was started.
The construction of a new structure for the technology of the relay interlocking system (SRZZ) and the traction transformer sub-station (TT) in Zdice proceeds.

The contractor of the construction is the association SKANSKA DS a.s., SSŽ a.s. and VIAMONT DSP a.s. The chief member of the association is SKANSKA DS a.s. The designer of the construction is Metroprojekt Praha a.s.

The completion of the construction Optimization of the section Beroun Zbiroh is anticipated for July 2011.

The investment costs total CZK 4,491 billion. The construction has been funded through the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure. The optimization of the section Beroun – Zbiroh has been included in the list of priority projects under the Operational Programme Transport.

Co-funding of the construction Optimization of the railway section Beroun – Zbiroh is planned to be covered by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund  under the Operational Programme Transport.

The construction Optimization of the railway section Beroun – Zbiroh consists of following parts:

  • Beroun – Zdice
  • Railway station Zdice
  • Zdice – Hořovice (train stops Stašov and Praskolesy)
  • Railway station Hořovice
  • Hořovice – Zbiroh (train stop Cerhovice)

Timetable of the construction

Year 2010

Finishing works at the railway station Zdice, building platforms at the railway station Hořovice, continuing works on relocations in the section Hořovice – Zbiroh.

Year 2011

Hořovice – Zbiroh and the connection of the current track axis with tracks on the relocations and the tunnel Osek. Completion of the construction.

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