Festive launch of the reconstruction of the railway station section Bojkovice including interlocking plant



Bojkovice, 17.06.2010 – Today, a symbolic hammer beat on a rail officially launched the reconstruction of the current yard at the railway station Bojkovice including a follow-up reconstruction of the signalling installation. The railway station Bojkovice is situated on Railway line No. 341, in the section between Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště with Vlárský Pass at the Zlín region.

The objective of the construction is the reconstruction of the current yard at the railway station Bojkovice and the follow-up reconstructions of technological equipment. „The construction co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport represents the reconstruction of the superstructure and substructure at the Slavičín station head, including the fundamental part of station tracks. The reconstruction of the substructure and superstructure deals with the relocation of the current directionally inconveniently positioned Slavičín station head oriented to the station building, which will result in shifting the level crossing from the current setting to the station head. All the installed technological equipment will be ready for its potential subsequent long-distance control in one of the follow-up constructions,“ informed Jiří Mlynář, Director of Civil Engineering Administration Olomouc from the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization.

In addition, there will be a two-sided platform between tracks No. 1 and 3 as well as a side-boarding platform at track No. 5. The construction part also includes the implementation of a new building for technological equipment and a Railway Office. From the technological perspective the construction includes the modernization of the current station, line and level crossing safety installation, telecommunication equipment and other essential modifications in the field of heavy current including setting-up a new electric connection and a transformer station. All the technological equipment will also allow the operation of the integrated trans-European railway system (interoperability).

The reconstruction of the railway station Bojkovice can be described in terms of lining and levelling as a challenging section. The construction work will be carried out in a most dense industrial, traffic and built-up area.
„I believe that despite those challenging circumstances, which will affect the common life in our town, eventually the modern railway station will bring the desired effect The town of Bojkovice will try to be most accommodating to the whole construction“, promised Květoslava Ogrodníková, deputy mayoress.

The contractor of the construction is the „Association SBT + SIGNALBAU – railway station Bojkovice“, represented by S u b t e r r a a.s. ( chief association member ) and SIGNALBAU a.s. The developer of the construction is MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc a.s. „Subterra returns with this construction to the field of activity of the Regional Infrastructure Administration Zlín where it implemented outstanding big corridor constructions in the past. I am therefore pleased that we can be involved in the modernization of another section of the Moravian railway again,“ said Antonín Formánek, Director of Division 3 of the company Subterra which as the chief association member operates the construction.

„The Reconstruction of the railway station Bojkovice including the reconstruction of the signalling installation“ has been co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport. The total cost of the station reconstruction is estimated at CZK 243,945,000,- without VAT. The contribution from the Cohesion Fund is estimated at CZK 188,809,650,- , which is 85,00 % of the eligible costs of the project. The remaining part has been co-funded from national resources through the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.


Name: Reconstruction of the railway station Bojkovice including the reconstruction of the signalling installation
Investor: Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization,
Civil Engineering Administration Olomouc
Developer: MORAVIA CONSULT Olomouc a.s.
Contractor: „Association SBT + SIGNALBAU – railway station Bojkovice“ represented by Subterra a.s. (chief member) and SIGNALBAU a.s. (association member)
Implementation period: 15. 12. 2009 – 15. 11. 2011
Location: Railway line No. 341, Staré Město u Uherského Hradiště – Vlárský Pass on km 127,635 – 132,440 (including the town of Bojkovice);
Zlín Region, cadastral territory of Bojkovice and Záhorovice


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