First Phase of the Reconstruction of the Railway Junction Břeclav completed


Railway junction Břeclav – 1st phase completed

Židlochovice/Břeclav, 20th May 2010 – The first part of the challenging reconstruction of the railway junction Břeclav has been festively completed. This junction is strategically crucial for the railway network of the Czech Republic since the I and the II Railway Transit Corridor runs through it. It also represents a cross-border station to Austria and Slovakia. The investor of the project „Reconstruction of the railway junction Břeclav, the Ist construction“ was the Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC), state organization.

Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General comments on today´s festive occasion: "The railway junction Břeclav connects five Central-European capitals – Berlin, Prague, Bratislava, Vienna and Warsaw. Břeclav is currently connected to the previously accomplished constructions, i.e.: Břeclav – the state border with Austria, Břeclav – the state border with Slovakia, Břeclav – Vranovice and Břeclav – Hodonín. The speed of the train passage through Břeclav in the area of the station forecourt and the north station head from the original 80 up to 130 km/hour has been enhanced.“

Besides the speed enhancement, the clearance along the line pursuant to the European standard UIC-GC and the passage capability of the line class D4 (axle load 22,5 t) have been ensured. The passengers can finally enjoy adequate comfort of travelling. Three platforms were reconstructed and four new ones were built at the railway station Břeclav, all of them with the height of the platform edge 550 mm over the top of rail to allow an easier access and exit. There is a completely new island platform instead of track No. 12 and a bay platform on the spot of track No. 9. The island platform between track No. 2 and 6 was extended. „The access to the platform is provided through a reconstructed and extended subway; naturally, there are also lifts and a contemporary information and navigation system,“ said Ing. Michal Štefl, Chairman of the Board of Directors and Director General of OHL ŽS, a.s.

The whole south station head including the five-track bridge spanning the Dyje river on km 82,467 underwent the modernization as well. (The reconstruction of the central station head will be carried out in the next phase, i.e. the 2nd phase of the reconstruction)

The investment costs of the implementation totalled CZK 2,419 billion, the funds were granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. Simultaneously, the co-funding of this project by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport has been requested; the planned contribution from the Cohesion fund represents approximately CZK 1,9 billion. The Funding Request was approved by the Ministry of Transport CR in August 2008 and at present there is an assent procedure at the level of the European Commission.

The contractor of the construction is the Association „Břeclavský uzel“, represented by the joint-stock companies OHL ŽS (chief member of the association), Skanska and EUROVIA CS. The construction commenced on 10th October 2007 and was completed in April 2010.


Basic data  
Investor: Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization
Contractor: Association „Břeclavský uzel“, represented by OHL ŽS, a.s. (chief member of the association), Skanska a.s. and EUROVIA CS, a.s.
Developer: SUDOP BRNO, spol. s r.o.
Start: 10/2007
Completion: 04/2010


Capacity-related data on the construction  
Railway superstructure  
- reconstruction with a new superstructure UIC60 17 312 m
- reconstruction with a new superstructure S49  2 117 m
- new switches UIC60 36
- new switches S49 13
- restored switches 9
Length of reconstructed and new platform edges 3 236 m 
Railway bridges reconstruction
Subway reconstruction
Culvert reconstruction
New transformer station
Reconstruction of distribution substations
Electric pre-heating equipment - stands 10 
New distributions 22 kV 2 200 m 
New low-voltage distributions 15 500 m 
Contact line system  
- new 41,7 km 
- reconstructed 37,7 km 
 Telecommunication equipment  
 - cable routes - free 4 648 m 
 - cable troughing routes 1 600 m 
 - central radio office
 Signalling installation  
 - upgrade of the existing relay interlocking system 54
 - upgrade of the existing line safety and signalling installation 3,35 km


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