Reconstruction of the Railway Junction Břeclav coming to an end


Brno, 25th January 2012 – despite the restrictions on funds for the reconstruction of the transport infrastructure of the Czech Republic, the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization manages to prepare new projects for the implementation of important constructions thanks to reduced expenses. This fact is supported by the completed project for the „Reconstruction of the railway junction Břeclav, 2nd construction“. The railway station Břeclav is one of the most important railway junctions of international significance connecting the Czech Republic with Austria and Slovakia.

In terms of the international and domestic railway transport the railway station Břeclav is one of the most important traffic junctions connecting I Railway Transit Corridor Děčín – Břeclav and II Railway Transit Corridor Břeclav – Petrovice. The developer of the project documentation is SUDOP BRNO. The cost of the project documentation totals CZK 32,554,000.

At present, 293 passenger trains and 403 freight trains pass through the railway station Břeclav on a daily basis. As for the volume of import and export of the Czech Republic, 25 % of the railway freight transport goes through the railway station. The project of the construction is a follow-up to the early implemented „Reconstruction of the railway junction Břeclav, 1st construction“ and it deals with full reconstruction of the central gridiron and related professions. 6,360 metres of the railway superstructure, 67 switches with electric switch heating and 22 kilometres of the overhead contact line will be reconstructed.

This work also calls for the reconstruction of the telecommunication and signalling installation as well as of the heavy-current distribution systems and technology, bridge and ground structures. Firstly, the reconstruction of the technology of the signalling installation will be very complicated and time consuming since it will be necessary to test all 3,353 possible train paths and 1,700 shunting routes.

The implementation of the construction will be carried out from August 2012 to September 2014. The anticipated cost of the construction implementation prior to the public tender is ca CZK 1 billion. The construction is proposed to be co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport.



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