Second part of the reconstruction of railway station Břeclav allows continuous traffic in this significant railway junction


Břeclav, 7 March 2013 – the Railway Infrastructure Administration launched the second phase of the reconstruction of Břeclav railway junction on today´s festive occasion. This event is a follow-up to the before-completed first construction that among others included the modernization of platforms in the station. In both cases, co-funding was provided by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund as part of the Operational Programme Transport.



Břeclav junction has a special position on Czech railway because that´s where 1 and 2 Railway Transit Corridor meet and it is also a cross-border station to Austria and Slovakia. At present, we have finished the modernization of follow-up sections of both corridors; as part of the Reconstruction of Břeclav railway junction, 1st construction it also involved the reconstruction of the passenger station section, and the southern and northern part as well as the station forecourt.

The present reconstruction includes lining of tracks and switches in the central part of the station, i.e. the so-called central gridiron. Its objective is a faster transit of trains in the direction of Vienna – Brno and Vienna – Přerov; the branching-off point can be entered at the speed of 80 up to 100 km per hour; in the straight direction the trains will go at the same speed as in the completed sections. It will also increase safety and reliability of the traffic and provide high-quality service in passenger and freight transport. The use of continuous welded rail will contribute to a much quieter train ride, thus enhancing the comfort for passengers. The reconstruction will focus on the overhead contact line, electric power engineering equipment and signalling and communication installations.

The overall configuration of the track facility will be different on the ca 1.2 km-long reconstructed section. „Due to traffic safety the current conditions do not allow a speed higher than 40 km. This decreases the benefits of the modernization of neighbouring sections that allow trains to go at the speed of 130 km per hour,“ said Petr Šlegr, SŽDC´s Deputy Director General for Rail Modernization.

The afore-mentioned drawback will be solved by the realignment of tracks and switches as well as by the installation of the electronic interlocking in the whole station. The state-of-the-art signalling installation of the third generation will get connected to adjoining track sections. „The system will ensure that in the future it will be possible to control the traffic in the whole station remotely from the traffic control centre in Přerov,“ added Petr Šlegr.

The builders will lay more than five kilometres of new tracks that will connect 67 switches with electric switch heating. As part of the reconstruction, a new overhead contact line of all tracks of the central gridiron will be installed; it will connect the reconstructed passenger station and the station forecourt. Its overall length will exceed 18 kilometres.


Construction project Reconstruction of Břeclav railway junction, 2nd construction
Investor of the construction Správa železniční dopravní cesty, státní organizace
General developer SUDOP Brno s.r.o.
Contractor Association of technology of railway station Břeclav, represented by Elektrizace železnic Praha a.s. and AŽD Praha s.r.o.
Start and end of the construction km 83,430 – km 84,635
Speed 160 km/h for tilting boxes
New overhead contact line 18,4 km
Electronic interlocking 1 x with 188 switches
Commencement October 2012
Completion December 2014
Construction costs total CZK 1,180,084,000
Own investment
(without VAT)
CZK 873,286,108 (contractor´s bid price)



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