Festive Completion of the Construction Brno – 1st part of the storage sidings, 1st phase


1st phase of the 1st part of the construction Brno – storage sidings completed

Brno, 25/05/2010 – Another significant construction of the railway infrastructure in the Czech Republic has been completed. It is the 1st part of the storage sidings Brno, 1st phase. The storage sidings are situated in the area of the current railway station Brno – Horní Heršpice and represent an independent technical and operational unit within the railway junction Brno. After the completion (II phase is being prepared), it will be used for a complex maintenance and storage of train sets, electrical units as well as single engines. The investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).

The objective of the construction was to build an indoor washer including the necessary technological trackyard, hold yard, the reconstruction and extension of the traction substation Modřice, the construction of an underpass connecting Sokolova street and Bohunická street, a complex of railway facilities to ensure safe operation (safety and signalling equipment, telecommunication equipment, high-current equipment, contact line system and lighting), new bridge structures and roads in the track facility, needed buildings for the new technology and installation of connections and distribution systems of the technical infrastructure. Ing. Jan Komárek, SŽDC Director General noted that „the construction managed to solve the grade-separated road connection between Vídeňská - Kšírova street through the railway corridor of the storage sidings in Horní Heršpice. The existing level crossing and the footbridge in Sokolova street have been replaced. The grade-separated connection adds to the existing possibilities of connecting Brno which is split by rail. The underpass of Sokolova street was put into early operation on 2nd October 2009.“ The underpass height of the new road is 4,35 m and a new separate 3m-long wide corridor for pedestrians and cyclists has been built in the underpass.
The indoor washer is situated in the area of the existing yard on track No. 208 of the recently designed the so-called technological yard. The efficiency of the indoor washer of the van bodies depends on the degree of the pollution of the positioned set as well as on the method of replacement of the washed sets with others waiting for this service. For that reason, at least a minimal number of serviceable tracks used for the shunting and new furnishing of cars have been designed for the 1st phase. Track No. 208 of the new indoor washer of the van bodies is linked to all existing storage sidings of the Brno junction. Outside the hall and behind it, the track is fitted with contact wires, the sets can approach the gates of the hall with their own drive and others will be shunted based on the need of engine dependent and independent traction. The movement in the hall is provided with a cable pusher device with the extension outside the hall to its north side. The subsequent ride will be ensured with the set´s own drive or with a shunting engine. The hall can take up to 7 passenger carriages of up to 26,8 m length. The whole washing processes are carried out automatically based on the previously selected programme – the crucial aspect is the type of the washed vehicle. In addition to that, the operator can also choose a washing regime for the positioned vehicle. There are three set regimes: automatic washing intensive, automatic washing short and automatic washing ecological. The applicable washing regimes differ in the dosing intensity of the cleaning compound and the duration of the vehicle front washing. Approximately 7% solution is usually applied during the intensive wash, about 3 to 4% solution during the standard wash and the ecological wash is carried out without any application of the cleaning compound. Washing of one front under the standard regime lasts 7 minutes and 14 minutes under the intensive regime. The washer will be put into full operation on 27. 5. 2010. For the time being, technical tests of the facility have been performed.
The investment costs of the implementation total CZK 3,1 billion. The contribution from the corporate city of Brno invested in building the underpass Sokolov represents the amount of CZK 188 million. The 1st phase of the 1st part of the storage sidings started in October 2007 and was completed in May 2010. The developer of the construction was SUDOP BRNO, Ltd. and the implementation was carried out by the Association „Brněnský drak“, represented by the joint-stock companies OHL ŽS and Skanska.



Selected technical data


Railway bridge


Road bridge


Signal gantry


Embankment walls

14 390 m

Reinforced areas and roads total

24 326 m2

Sub-ballast layers

14 550 m

Subsurface drains

6 051 m

Channel drain troughs

668 m



Switches UIC60


Switches S49, R65


Length of tracks UIC60

4 348 m

Length of tracks S49 

8 192 m 

Restored tracks R65, S49

1 704 m 



New contact line system

24,5 km 

- on open lines

2,5 km 

- in operating control posts 

22 km 

Operating control posts with new electronic interlocking of 3rd category 

Switch units equipped with SZZ 


Upgrade of a bidirectional three-character automatic block on a double-track line with LVZ

1 823 m 



Transformer station 22/0,4 kV - new 

Transformer station 22/0,4 kV - reconstruction, furnishing of the existing TS 

Low-voltage distribution - new 

Low-voltage distribution - reconstruction, furnishing 

Electrically heated switches - single 


Electrically heated switches  - slip 

New lighting of the yard – lights on contact line supports 


New lighting of the yard – lighting tower 12 - 14 m 


New lighting of public roads 


Relocation of cable lines 22 kV 

650 m 

New cable distribution systems 22 kV 

4 050 m 

Noise barriers 

1 177 m 

Vehicle washer capacity

200 cars/24 hours,
31 sets

Wash power at outdoor temperature 


- set 

-10°C to +35°C

-  one vehicle in the washer 

-20°C to +35°C

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