The official completion of the České Budějovice – Nemanice line modernisation


České Budějovice, 5th March 2014 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration (RIA) and the supplier officially completed the construction of another significant structure within the framework of the European railway network modernisation entitled the “Modernisation of the České Budějovice – Nemanice Track I”. The project, which took three years to complete, is part of Transit Railway Corridor IV on the České Velenice - České Budějovice – Plzeň line. The length of the reconstructed section is 2.62 km.



From an international point of view, the "Modernisation of the České Budějovice – Nemanice Line I" is part of the network of multinational railway arterial networks in accordance with the international AGTC and AGC Agreements. From a domestic point of view, the section constitutes a part of Transit Railway Corridor IV which includes the line section from Děčín state border via Prague and České Budějovice to Horní Dvořiště state border. The České Budějovice Railway Station forms the central point of the South Bohemian Region’s railway network with links both inland to nearby centres of regional significance and to neighbouring Austria. “The result of the modernisation is increased speed and operation safety. Increased operation safety has especially been brought about by the installation of new safety and communication equipment, a modification of the existing equipment and closing or adapting some level crossings. Reconstructing platforms and providing access for individuals with reduced mobility and space orientation has also increased transport quality for passengers“, stated the RIA Director General, Ing. Jiří Kolář.

The construction "Modernisation of the České Budějovice - Nemanice Line I" also included reconstruction of the České Budějovice Railway Station. The České Budějovice Northern Stop underwent reconstruction as well. Passengers can look forward to wheelchair access, including lifts and platforms at a height of 550 mm above the top of rails for easier boarding and disembarking. There are also new information and navigation systems. The most significant change on the České Budějovice - Nemanice line section is especially the introduction a double-track section on the overpasses at Skuherského and Pekárenská Streets.

The rail layout of the northern station head at the České Budějovice Railway Station has enabled an increased speed of 100 km/h (a speed of 60 km/h is under consideration for the opposite direction) on the track in the stationing direction from km 213.280 to km 213.945. The section from km 213.945 to km 214.787 has a speed of 120 km/h. From km 214.787 to km 215.900, a speed up to 140 km/h is planned in connection with the envisaged solution for the Nemanice - Ševětín section. Modernised tracks enable Z-GC passage and Class D4 UIC loading along the entire section length.

The construction was financed by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure within the framework of the Operational Programme Transport. The “Modernisation of the České Budějovice - Nemanice Line I” project has been designed for co-financing by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund. The EU contribution to this construction may amount up to 71.20%.


Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation
Supplier EUROVIA CS, a.s.
Construction costs 713,444,852.22 CZK
Start date February 2011
Completion date January 2014


Technical data  
Length of reconstructed section 2.62 km
Installation of UIC 60 track 5.12 km
Installation of S 49 track 0.12
Reconstructed railway bridges 12
Reconstructed level crossings 2
Realised level crossing safety equipment 2
Reconstructed pedestrian underpasses 3
New switches in total 25
Realisation of electric switch heating 24
Length of overhead line in total 20
Anti-noise walls 1.31 km
Individual anti-noise measures 21 structures



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