A part of the trackage at Česká Třebová Station was reconstructed


Česká Třebová, 13 April 2016 – The Railway Infrastructure Administration reconstructed the railway superstructure and adjoining switches on the so-called Fourth set of sorting sidings at Česká Třebová freight railway station. The project aided in fulfilling the global objective of Operational Programme Transport Priority Axis 1 which is an improvement of railway transport on the Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T.



The project included adaptations of the railway substructure and superstructure in the field of track brakes and in track leads as well as reconstruction of track brakes on sorting tracks. Adaptations of safety and signalling equipment, air conditioning distribution and local cables took place as well. The distribution substation, the catenary and sorting tracks’ lighting were reconstructed too. Builders also installed a new system of switches’ electrical heating and completed the long-distance diagnostics system.

”Česká Třebová is an important railway junction on one of the most heavily used railway lines in the Czech republic Praha – Kolín – Česká Třebová. Reconstruction of sorting tracks had as its main objective increasing the station capacity and ensuring higher operational reliability of the trackage and operation safety“, said Mr. Pavel Surý, Director General of the Railway Infrastructure Administration.

The exchange of current pneumatic track brakes for modern hydraulic ones led to a decrease of operational and energy costs. New brakes on the Fourth set are a rudiment of the whole hump yard modernisation and enable integration into the new KOMPAS system for future safeguard of the hump yard.

Total estimated costs of the construction designated as Reconstruction of the Fourth set of sorting tracks at Česká Třebová railway station amounted up to 316,639,211 CZK (VAT excluded). The project was approved for co-financing by the European Union under the Operational Programme Transport with a planned amount of the Cohesion Fund contribution equalling up to 247,509,701 CZK. National financing was assured by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The construction’s supplier was the company Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.


Construction Designation Reconstruction of the Fourth set of sorting tracks
at Česká Třebová railway station
Construction Investor Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation
Supplier Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s.
Term of construction launch 05/2014
Term of completion 12/2015
Total construction costs 316,639,211 CZK (VAT excluded)
Approved EU contribution 247,509,701 CZK



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