After nearly 120 years in operation, the railway bridge in Týnec nad Sázavou finally sees reconstruction. Thanks to EU subsidies.


Týnec nad Sázavou, 27 November 2012 – „the Bridge reconstruction on km 9,531 Čerčany – Skochovice“ commenced on today´s festive occasion. The bridge takes a single-track non-electrified railway line across the Sázava River in Týnec nad Sázavou. The reconstruction is co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund as part of the Operational Programme Transport. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).



The objective of this construction project is the full reconstruction of the bridge superstructure of both bridge spans and a partial reconstruction of the bridge substructure that will safely shift the increased rail traffic load. The double-pole railway bridge on km 9,531 in the track section of Čerčany – Skochovice was built in 1896. The bridge is made up of two framed riveted steel structures with a parabolically curved upper part with assembled trough bridge deck of cast steel. The bridge superstructure is made up of two simple inclined truss girders with an inclined span of 2 x 52.35 m. The bridge length is 109.30 m. The bridge substructure is made up of two supports and one pillar, mostly of granite range work.

The overall condition of the bridge is unsuitable – not only from the structural perspective. It is its parameters that do not comply with the present requirements for rail operation. It especially applies to inadequate clearance where the distance of the track axis to bridge panels is less than 2.2 m. The bridge does not meet the required safe passage capability for D4/50 load class either and the adjoining gridiron of railway station Týnec nad Sázavou does not allow the installation of the rail expansion switch due to the collision with a switch.  

As part of the reconstruction, a new steel superstructure will be built, with continuous ballast bed with the span of 2 x 52 m and continuous welded rail. The subsoil of the stone pillar and supports will be reinforced; this will ensure a safe shift of the increased load from the bridge with continuous ballast bed. The shifting of the foundation bed of the pillar deeper compared with the current situation ensures protection against possible scour during floods. The scope of the permanent way modification has been defined by the space between the switches in close proximity to each other in front of and behind the bridge. The fixed mounting has been designed on the middle pillar, which allows expansion to both sides from this spot. The reconstructed bridge structure will meet all the required space/load-related parameters. The bridge structure gauge will be 2.5 m.

Work schedule:
Before the end of 2012, the production of the steel bridge structure will be elaborated including anticorrosive  modification (completion in March 2013 and transport to the assembly area). At the same time, self-seeded tree species will be cut down and a construction site will be set up in railway station Týnec nad Sázavou.

From January till March 2013, preparatory work will be carried out on the access road to the bridge pillar and assembly areas. In April, May and June 2013, steel structures will be ready to be assembled and preparatory work will be completed prior to the absolute 45-day track possession. During this track possession, alternate bus service will be provided. The work will include removal of the permanent way on the bridge and forefront, removal of cables and subsequently of the original steel structure from both sides by means of cranes. The work will also focus on the demolition of the pillar and parts of supports, drilling of minipiles on supports and the working platform for the new pillar foundation, concreting of the new pillar foundation and new bridge caps and after other technological procedures, a new bridge structure will be placed. This will be followed by gravelling and installation of the new permanent way, completion of trackbed modifications and tamping up to the requested height.The track possession is to take place from 2 September till 16 October 2013. After the completion, test operation will be launched. Completion work (not including the bridge) will be carried out towards the end of 2013.

The contractor of the construction project is the „Association – Most Týnec“, represented by companies Chládek a Tintěra, Pardubice a.s., Porr a.s. and Mostostal Kielce S. A. Polsko. The developer of the construction project was TOPCON servis s.r.o.

The construction is co-funded as part of the Operational Programme Transport from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union. National funds have been granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure.  The investment costs of the construction total CZK 65,158,000; the EU funds contribution may total CZK 50,984,904.

Selected data of the new bridge  
commencement 10/2012
completion 12/2013
span 2 x 52.35 m
bridge length 109.30 m
structure gauge 2.5 m

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