Revitalisation of the line 238 in the section Chrudim – Hlinsko v Čechách starting


A line closure between stations Chrudim and Chrudim město (Chrudim-City) will launch - quite discreetly – a revitalisation of the line Chrudim – Hlinsko v Čechách this Sunday 17 May. Up to the end of the year, it should ensure a speed increase up to 100 km/h in some sections, safety improvement on railway crossings, line and station safety equipment will be renewed and new central platforms will be built at Chrudim, Slatiňany and Hlinsko v Čechách stations. The construction investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organisation.

A number of line closures will occur during the revitalisation. The carrier České dráhy will be using substitute bus transport and modified timetables will be in use. The first construction works are concentrated at Chrudim station. A central platform is going to be built here within the two months to follow which should improve boarding possibilities for passengers considerably. At the same time, a shorter platform right near the passenger building will be constructed for trains departing in the direction of Moravany. Most of the station trackage is going to be renewed as well. This will require first a line closure of the section Chrudim - Chrudim město which will last up to 16 June. Following that, the section leading to Pardubice will be closed till 29 June.

In July, construction activities will move to the section Chrudim - Chrast. The Slatiňany station head at Chrudim station will be finished and the line Chrudim – Slatiňany will be completely renewed including the bridge over Chrudimka and safety equipment on all railway crossings. At the same time, Slatiňany is going to be reconstructed with a new central platform as well. During this stage, buses will replace trains in the section Chrast u Chrudimi – Chrudim. In the connecting section Chrudim – Pardubice, a closure timetable will be used for trains. A complication will occur due to a closure of railway crossings on important roads such as Road I/37 or II/358 between Slatiňany and Orel which will lengthen routes of substitute bus transport. This closure is planned from 29 June till 3 August.

During the following stage starting 3 August up to 25 September, the section Slatiňany – Hlinsko v Čechách will be closed for operation. Works will concentrate on the section Slatiňany – Chrast u Chrudimi with an exchange of the track skeleton, repairs of some bridges, culverts and railway crossings and completion of the Slatiňany station reconstruction. A new overtaking station Cejřov will be built between the stops Vrbatův Kostelec and Prosetín and new construction works will start at Hlinsko v Čechách station. A new central station will be built here too with a boarding edge 550 mm above the top of rail and the whole trackage will be reconstructed including installation of new safety equipment. New elevated platforms will be also built at the passenger building. Buses will replace trains according to the closure timetable in this stage as well.

The final stage will take place starting 26 September up to 12 October and will result in an operation stop between Hlinsko v Čechách and Ždírec nad Doubravou. During this closure, reconstruction of Hlinsko v Čechách station will be finalised.

During the whole revitalisation, 17.3 km of tracks and 27 switches will be renewed, 14 railway crossings, 6 bridges and 13 culverts will be reconstructed. The construction is carried out by the Association of companies EUROVIA CS, GJW Praha, Chládek a Tintěra Pardubice and HOCHTIEF CZ for 854.6 Mio CZK. Completion is expected during November 2015.



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