System of the Level Crossing Numbering


The system of the unequivocal identification of the level crossings has been put into operation. Get familiar with its principles.

Prague, 05/08/ 2009 – One of the priorities of the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (hereinafter referred to as SŽDC) is to enhance safety at the level crossings. In this context, a system of the level crossing numbering in the Czech Republic has been designed and this system is to provide their uniform, simple and unequivocal identification. The designed system of the level crossing numbering allows (when necessary – in case of an accident/obstacle at the level crossing etc.) to stop the railway operation on that particular section based on the information communicated to the public about obstacles. The system has been in operation since Saturday, 1st August 2009.

The lately introduced system is uniform for the level crossings that are situated:

  • on the national and regional rail owned by the state,
  • on regional rails not owned by the state
  • on sidings

The level crossings on sidings in closed areas are not numbered. The same applies to crossings at railway stations that are not sign-posted with a warning cross.

Level crossing numbering

Each level crossing on the national and regional rail owned by the state has been allocated its own number. The form of the number applied to a crossing on a state-owned rail is P1, P2, P3 up to P9000. As for a level crossing on a regional rail not owned by the state, the allocated number of the crossing has the form of P9001 to P9999. As for a level crossing on a siding, the number has the form of P10000 to P99999, i.e. a five-digit number.

Number positioning

The level crossing number is unique and not interchangeable. This number is written in black letters on a white reflective stick-on foil that is positioned:

  • at level crossings protected only with a warning cross or mechanical signalling device on the back of the arm of each warning cross
  • at level crossings protected with a light signalling device without/with gates on the back of the light box on all level crossing road signals


SŽDC is responsible for the central register of requested information about level crossings. The responsibility for providing stick-on foils in the requested form and colour lies with the individual rail owners who are also responsible for sticking on the number on the prescribed spot and for the control of correctness of positioning, or for renewing and adding stick-on foils with allocated numbers. Individual rail owners are also responsible for correctness of the data and their timely updating which has to be done immediately after the changes are communicated to SŽDC headquarters according to the instructions.

Procedure of stopping railway operation on a level crossing in case of emergency

  1. the person who is aware of the urgency to block the line to traffic (e.g. a car driver who got stuck on the level crossing) calls emergency lines 112 or 150
  2. the operator of the safety system asks the caller to communicate the level crossing number
  3. the assistant of the integrated safety system calls on-chart the train dispatcher and communicates the request for the closure of the line to traffic
  4. the train dispatcher identifies on-chart this particular level crossing and the track section and takes safety measures

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