Transition to Remotely Controlled Lines in Plzeň Region


The line from Rokycany to Nezvěstice revitalized recently is the first ever regional railway in the network of Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) controlled remotely by Prague Traffic Control Centre (TCC) facility. By doing so, it even preceded a part of the Rail Transit corridor 3 from Rokycany to Cheb with its connection to the above-mentioned facility now being started to implement.

Since autumn 2016, operation between Rokycany and Nezvěstice is controlled by TCC Prague. This occurred together with connecting the electronic signalling plant installed there within the framework of revitalisation works. This is the first ever regional line controlled remotely by the facility located at Balabenka in Prague.

Since 2016, the line section from Beroun (excluding) to Rokycany (including) is controlled remotely by the same facility as well. Beginning of preparation to extend this system up to Cheb as a cross-border station is already underway. By the end of last year, SŽDC selected a construction contractor which was the company AŽD Praha. This operation also responds to a new construction of the station signalling plant in Plzeň node and to the Ejpovice Tunnel construction in the section Rokycany – Plzeň. It is therefore divided into two stages following the completion of the aforementioned decisive structures.

As a matter of interest it may be noted that since 1967, the line from Plzeň to Cheb was the first ever remotely controlled in then Czechoslovakia. Within the context of optimization works commenced in 2007, an exchange of the relay signalling plant for an electronic one took place. This was one of the steps for future connection of modernized parts of Rail Transit Corridor 3 into TCC in Prague. By doing so, this way of traffic control brings a number of advantages such as a particularly better use of infrastructure in train operation, operational decision-making within traffic control, technology diagnostics centralization or follow-up solutions of connection to GSM-R or ETCS digital systems.


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