„Bridge reconstruction on km 2,089 on the line Děčín – Jedlová“ festively commenced


Děčín, 28 November 2012 – „the Bridge reconstruction on km 2,089 on the line Děčín – Jedlová“ commenced on today´s festive occasion. This is another significant construction co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund as part of the Operational Programme Transport. The investor is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).



„The Bridge reconstruction on km 2,089 on the line Děčín – Jedlová“ is a follow-up to both the reconstructed section as part of „the Thoroughfare through the Děčín junction“ (2002) and „the Bridge reconstruction on km 2,221 Děčín – Rumburk“ (2005), which is currently forming the 16th bridge opening on km 2,089. The construction project aims to ensure rail traffic safety and to comply with requested technical and operational parameters by removing the currently unsuitable provisional steel structure; in 1976 this structure was attached to a stone lower structure from 1868 and now it will be replaced by a new steel framed structure with a trough orthotropic bridge deck with through ballast.

The construction lies on the railway line Děčín – Rumburk in the track section of Děčín hl. n. – Jedlová between railway stations Děčín - main station and Děčín East. The bridge structure can be found in the urban area of Děčín and it takes the railway line across the Labe River and its areas liable to flooding at the confluence of the Ploučnice River. The construction is situated on the property owned by ČD, a. s., SŽDC, Povodí Labe, s. p., Povodí Ohře, s. p., the Ústecký Region and the corporate town of Děčín. The construction also reaches the land in the cadastral territory of Děčín, Podmokly and Staré Město.

Before the end of 2012, preparatory work for the bridge steel structure production will commence, including anticorrosive protection (completion in April 2013 and subsequent transport to the assembly area). At the same time, a construction site will be set up in the vicinity of the bridge.

From January till March 2013, preparatory work will be carried out on the access road to bridge pillars and assembly areas. From April till August 2013, support steel structures will be set up and preparatory work will be completed prior to an absolute 49-day track possession. During this track possession, substitute bus service will be provided. During this time, the permanent way will be removed from the bridge and forefront, the ballast bed will be removed, cables removed and overhead contact lines taken down and subsequently the original steel structure will be removed by means of mobile cranes.

The work will also include the rehabilitation of pillars and parts of supports, drilling of minipiles, concreting of new bridge caps and after other technological procedures a new steel bridge structure will be placed; this will be the combination of cross and linear insertions of bridge spans. It will be followed by gravelling and installation of the new superstructure, completion of trackbed modifications and tamping up to the requested height.

The track possession will take place from 17 August till 4 October 2013. After the completion, a test operation will be launched. Completion work (not including the bridge) will continue till the end of November 2013.

„The Bridge reconstruction on km 2,089 on the line Děčín – Jedlová“ is co-funded as part of the Operational Programme Transport from the Cohesion Fund of the European Union. National funds have been granted by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure. The investment costs of the construction total CZK 79,882,959 without VAT; the maximum amount of EU contribution is CZK 61,065,142.


Selected data of the new bridge  
Commencement 10/2012
Completion 11/2013
Span of the main bridge girders 36,9 m + 56,0 m + 56,0 m
Bridge length 358,340 m
Bridge height 15,88 m
Weight of the new steel structure 785 t


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