Second Bridge Over Mikulášská Street in Plzeň Taken Down


Modernization of railway bridges over Mikulášská Street in Plzeň enters into its second half. After a successful putting into operation of the northern bridge of two rail bridges last year, today, the 19 February, the southern bridge will start to be removed. Both bridges served their service continuously more than a hundred years. The whole event is part of the reconstruction of Plzeň railway junction.

Mainly the reconstruction of Plzeň passenger railway station is the crucial point of “Plzeň Junction Project, 2nd construction, passenger railway station reconstruction including bridges in Mikulášská Street". From the passenger′s perspective, reconstruction of its southern part including platforms is the most significant. Reconstruction of the Cheb station head and the above-mentioned bridges is important for modern and faster rail transport. At the same time, together with this railway construction, a distinctive modernization and road expansion, led under both bridges, will take place to affect positively car traffic fluency and safety in this area.

"The modernization of Plzeň railway junction makes not only SŽDC happy, however, both the Municipality and the Region administrations appreciate an unchallenged progress of the works. At the end of last year, we also signed a contract with the winning consortium, which began the next part of reconstruction, specifically the Domažlice line transposition. This is the third construction of a total of five ones in the Plzeň Junction," Mr. Mojmír Nejezchleb, SŽDC Deputy Director General for Infrastructure Modernization was quoted as saying.

The old railway bridge from 1905 equipped by a steel structure will be replaced by a new one. Its bridge structure is designed as a reinforced concrete plate frame construction with concreted steel beams. Thanks to an extension of the new bridge construction by 10 m to a total of 25 m, a space will be created to extend the road communication.

This week, particularly from 19 to 26 February 2018, tram traffic will stop under the southern bridge, bridge structures will be taken down within the line closure, demolition of one of the bridge abutment will occur and further preparatory works will be performed for the construction of a new bridge. The completion of works on the southern bridge is expected in July this year. Mikulášská Street is assumed to become operational for the public by the end of this year's summer holidays that is on 31 August 2018.

Up to now, the need to accelerate construction works of the northern bridge was the most challenging part of the project so as to succeed in starting the works on the southern bridge still in the winter period. It is necessary so as to meet the August deadline to make Mikulášská Street operational,” Mr. Roman Fuksa, Director of Metrostav Division 5 performing the construction emphasized.

Construction works in the southern part of Plzeň Station with new platforms construction and roofing thereof, part of the service and eastern underpass, technological equipment or railway superstructure and substructure reconstruction being carried out there will continue further. In general, the main construction works are expected to be completed at the turn of November and December this year. Final completion is scheduled for the first half of 2019.




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