Agreement between SŽDC and SLO helps in the preparation of new railway constructions


Today, Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) and the State Land Office (SLO) signed an agreement on co-operation. Its most substantial asset is to improve the preparation of new constructions on the railway infrastructure.

Both parties expect from the agreement signature an improvement in mutual awareness of SŽDC and SLO representatives at a regional level on the upcoming plans in the field of transport infrastructure construction. At the same time, the land transfer in connection with the change of responsibility to manage state assets will be accelerated.

"I am pleased that by this agreement we extend clear rules for effective co-operation of two entities, in particular in the area of land exchanges and transfers and mutual coordination of activities in the implementation of land arrangements," Mrs. Svatava Maradová, SLO Central Director was quoted as saying on the occasion of the agreement signature.

"We perceive this co-operation agreement as a basis of teamwork with the State Land Office in dealing with specific regional cases in the field of property issues in transport infrastructure construction. At the same time, it will bring about both its acceleration and efficiency as well," Mr. Petr Hofhanzl, Director of SŽDC Civil Engineering Preparation Section was quoted as saying.

The agreement also foresees co-operation in the implementation of land arrangements, particularly in the field of activity coordination of project development. Moreover, the solutions of land transfers with agriculture land resources protection acquired for transport infrastructure construction in the context of expropriation or by means of purchasing non-essential parts from SLO will be further improved.


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