Modernization in the section Doubí u Tábora - Tábor completed


Modernization of IV Railway Transit Corridor in the section Doubí u Tábora - Tábor completed

Tábor, 15/07/2009 – It is a nearly 12 km-long section between Doubí u Tábora and Tábor which is a part of IV National Railway Transit Corridor. The section was turned into two-track during the modernization and at present the trains can travel here at the speed of up to 160 km/h. Also, the railway stations Planá nad Lužnicí and Tábor as well as the stop Sezimovo Ústí were renovated. The passengers can enjoy a comfortable and barrier-free access to approach the trains – provided by new island platforms.

The modernization of the section also produced a completely new stop entitled Tábor - Čápův Dvůr on km 79,208 with two 140 m-long platforms. The construction starts on km 71,700 and ends on km 83,470; the constructional length is thus 11,770 km. The modernization helped to achieve an operating speed for standard sets of up to 110, for sets with tilting boxes up to 160 km/h, the structural gauge UIC GC and the track load class D4 UIC. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization. Ing. Jan Komárek, Director General said: „Our passengers can expect a higher standard and a higher level of safety. The edge of all platforms has a height of 550 mm over the plane of the rail heads to allow an easier access, there are navigation systems, a station announcement system and a new lighting system. The implementation of this construction also significantly enhanced the safety of the railway and road transport. We managed to cancel three level crossings and to replace them with a grade-separated crossing.“

In Planá nad Lužnicí in the direction to Chýnov on km 74,800, the level crossing of II Class road No. 409 was cancelled and replaced with a subway and a new road underpass. In Sezimovo Ústí on km 77,644, a new subway was built instead of a pedestrian crossing. Another level crossing was cancelled on km 80,377 on the Maredův Hill. As an new alternative pedestrians can use a footbridge and the road transport can benefit from an extended bridge in Rokycanova street. The construction also produced a completely new stop entitled Tábor - Čápův Dvůr on km 79,208 with two 140 m-long platforms.

The railway station Tábor now has two 350 m-long island platforms (one is new and the other one renovated) and one 60m-long side-boarding platform. At the railway station Planá nad Lužnicí there is a new 220 m-long island platform and a side-boarding platform of the same length. In order to facilitate the movement of disabled people, the platforms, subways and station buildings offer a barrier-free access, the platforms are equipped with tactile guide paths, signal and warning strips and acoustic beacons for the blind and visually impaired. Four new lifts were built for a barrier-free access in Tábor. The barrier-free access at the station Planá nad Lužnicí is provided by covered ramps.

During the reconstruction of the track facility of the railway station in Tábor, the subway under the station was extended; now it connects two municipal parts and allows a direct access to trains from Vodňanská street, a pedestrian passage between the Blanické suburb and an exposed station forecourt (a bus station, the town centre). A new overpass of the railway station Tábor was built on km 82,080 as a related investment that was put into trial run on 3rd June this year.

A new distribution substation at the railway station Planá nad Lužnicí was built. There is a total of 57 electrical switches with electrical heating in the section, which will substantially facilitate the maintenance in the winter period. Based on an acoustic study the modernization also focused on noise reduction measures. There is a total of 6 137 m of noise barriers and other necessary noise reduction measures were implemented, consisting in the defeaning or replacement of windows in residential buildings. „The modernized section is safe, comfortable for passengers and the railway staff as well as beautiful from a constructional perspective. I am proud of our employees to be part of this,“ said Ing. Michal Štefl, Chairman of the Board of Directors and OHL ŽS, a. s. Director General.

The contractor of the construction is the Association Doubí – Tábor which includes other members like OHL ŽS, a.s. (the chief partaker of the association), Subterra a.s. and Viamont DSP a.s. The designer of the construction was SUDOP PRAHA a.s. The total costs of the modernization of the section totalled CZK 2 776 683 000,-.

The construction Modernization of the section Veselí nad Lužnicí – Tábor, Ist part, Doubí u Tábora – Tábor is proposed to be co-funded by the European Union under the Operational Program Transport through the Cohesion Fund and the EU share may amount to 85% of the total amount of the eligible cost. The rest is co-funded by national sources through the State Fund of Transport Infrastructure.

Basic data about the construction

  • Start: 2007
  • Completion: 2009

Railway superstructure

  • new rails - type UIC 60: 22 541 m
  • applied rails - type S 49 (without temporary crossovers): 5 234 m
  • new switches UIC 60: 29
  • switches S 49 (without temporary crossovers): 14
  • renovation of level crossings: 3
  • cancellation of level crossings and pedestrian crossings: 3

Railway substructure

  • modification of track bed at railway stations: 64 167 m2
  • modification of track bed on the open line: 83 363 m2

Contact line system

  • a new contact line system : 30,78 km of rail
  • modification of the contact line system: 7,80 km of rail
  • dismantling of the contact line system: 22,01 km of rail

Lighting reconstruction

  • new lighting towers: 20
  • new lighting masts: 48

Artificial structures

14 bridges and 14 culverts were reconstructed, 5 bridges and 2 culverts were newly built.

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