Festive launch of the construction „DOZ Františkovy Lázně - Aš“


Františkovy Lázně, 9th December 2011 – Another project aiming to enhance the railway safety has been launched on today´s festive occasion; it deals with the implementation of the remote-controlled signalling on the line between Františkovy Lázně and Aš. This construction is significant due to its goal to enhance the safety of railway and road operations – the reconstruction of eight level crossings. The investor of the construction is the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization (SŽDC).



Ing. Pavel Habarta, MBA, on behalf of SŽDC said that „the construction DOZ Františkovy Lázně – Aš‘ is regarded as a rationalization project which aims to achieve savings of operating cost and to enhance the safety of railway and road traffic operations by utilizing up-to-date technologies. It is executed in compliance with the requirements for the interoperability of the European railway network.“The technical solution will create an open modular system that will allow future smooth supplements without inducing any immoderate expenses, SZZ ŽST Františkovy Lázně, ŽST Aš, remote control of the track section Františkovy Lázně – Vojtanov, Aš – Selb, Aš – Aš city, Aš city – Hranice v Čechách and supplements of block signals currently protected with warning crosses and transferring of the remote control to Cheb.

In the railway office of the railway station Františkovy Lázně, one fully backed-up remote-control traffic control office will be set up and equipped with the Unified Control Place and graphic-technological superstructure office. In this context, construction work will be carried out in the railway office and the operation-related building.

In the railway stations Hazlov and Aš, the station interlocking equipment will be reconstructed. The selected switches will be equipped with electromotive point machines (EMP) which will be centrally controlled in the arranged transport programme for relevant operating control posts and connected to the remote-control system. The switches with EMP will be equipped with remote-controlled electric switch heating. Other switches that will not be connected to the central control will be protected with electromagnetic locks (EMZ).

A fibre-optic and a metallic cable will be laid and the block signalling system will be reconstructed in the open line sections. The current level crossing installations will be reconstructed and connected to the remote-control system. The clear line of station tracks in the railway stations and track sections will be checked by axle counters.

Within the scope of the construction a new station interlocking equipment of the 3rd (top) category – electronic interlocking – ESA 11 with EIP will be built, UCP (Unified Control Place in the railway station Františkovy Lázně) will be set up to provide the control of the railway stations Hazlov and Aš.  A new open line signalling system – automatic line block system will be installed in the open line sections (Františkovy Lázně – Hazlov – Aš). The switches will be equipped with electric switch heating (ESH). Level crossings will also be reconstructed and equipped with signalling for the visually impaired. The construction will also present new telecommunication technological equipment, e.g. station announcement system, camera surveillance system, fire alarm or lighting.

The construction mainly focuses on technological issues; track adjustments in the relevant track sections are not planned. The work will include drainage of switches for ESH installation, work related to the cancellation of unnecessary insulated block joints as a result of the cancellation of track circuits etc.

Construction work will be executed on a part of track superstructure and substructure in the station Hazlov and in the track sections Františkovy Lázně – Hazlov.


Selected data  
Length of lines included in the construction 21 km
Remote-controlled railway stations 2
Railway stations equipped with the new SZZ 3rd category 2
Open line sections equipped with the new TZZ 3rd  category 2
Switches equipped with electromotive point machines 6
Switches equipped with electric switch heating (ESH) 6
Saving of transport staff 13


The investment costs of the construction, including the preparation and 7% reserve pursuant to international regulations FIDIC, which are based on the budget of the project, total CZK 124,095,467 without VAT.

The funds from the national resources have been provided by the State Fund for Transport Infrastructure (SFTI). The core section has been co-funded by the European Union from the Cohesion Fund under the Operational Programme Transport. The EU contribution may represent up to 85 % of the eligible cost.

The preparatory documentation and the project were developed by TMS s.r.o. The contractor selected from a competitive tendering is AŽD Praha, s.r.o. The anticipated implementation shall be carried out in the period of 2011–2013. The construction work shall be completed before 30th September 2012 and the full completion of the construction has been contracted for the deadline by 31st January 2013.

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