Up-to-date safety and signalling installation in the section Pilsen – Klatovy


Up-to-date safety and signalling installation in the railway section Pilsen – Klatovy in operation

Pilsen, 20/01/2010 – The railway section Pilsen – Klatovy is now equipped with state-of-the-art features necessary for a safe long-distance control of the railway operation. In the whole railway section there is a new fibre-optic cable which ensures high-quality transmission to the communication and signalling equipment. The original fibre-optic cable from the early 90´s failed to provide sufficient capacity. Also, in the area of stations new cabling was partially set up for the safety and signalling equipment. The investor of the project was the Railway Infrastructure Administration, state organization, and the implementation was performed by the association AŽD Praha, s.r.o. and První SaZ Plzeň a. s.

41 km of the section Pilsen – Železná Ruda has been recently supplemented with signalling installations. Along the section Pilsen – Klatovy there are 5 railway stations (Pilsen – Valcha, Dobřany, Chlumčany u Dobřan, Přeštice and Švihov u Klatov), 25 PZS (5 station and 20 trackside) that have been enclosed in the safety and signalling equipment.

As signalling equipment was selected the type ESA 33 with distributed (EIP) panels with integrated block signalling system in the sections Přeštice – Chlumčany u Dobřan, Chlumčany u Dobřan – Dobřany, Dobřany – Pilsen-Valcha. The station Chlumčany u Dobřan was equipped with technological counters and a maintenance counter. The station Klatovy (control station) has been equipped with input counters. 20 switches are long-distance controlled from Klatovy.

The safety and signalling equipment of relevant stations is interconnected through the Communication System of Signalling Equipment (KSZZ). In the controlled stations there are panels of emergency attendance in case of long-distance signalling failure. The whole system has been supplemented with the diagnostic equipment LDS 3, the server of which has been put in the railway station Chlumčany u Dobřan. In the stations it is possible to connect a portable computer to the diagnostics.

The original block signals in the sections Klatovy – Švihov (AH88a), Švihov – Přeštice (AH88a) and Pilsen-Valcha – Pilsen (AHP 03) were maintained as well as the level crossing safety installations. Only the connectors for the new signalling equipment were modified. The current track circuits were used and in the railway station Pilsen-Valcha the track clearance check is provided by the FRAUSCHER axle counter.

The railway station Pilsen has also been equipped with a train-numbering terminal. A graphic-technological superstructure has been installed at the traffic controller in the railway station. This construction was also dealing with the modification of the lighting system in the stations and with setting up the heating of central operated switches.

IP TouchCall in the station Klatovy and ELMEG in other controlled stations are used as connectors in this section. The communication equipment has been provided by the firm CISCO with the capacity of STM-4.

In order to keep passengers informed, the stations have been equipped with a contemporary central radio office RÚ6 providing automatic long-distance announcement. Clock device with time synchronization through DCF was updated along the whole section.

Buildings have been protected by a fire detection device (ZPDP) and against the entry of unauthorized persons (EZS). Information received from these devices converges in the integration server at the traffic controller in Klatovy. The total cost of the implementation: DOZ Pilsen – Klatovy and Supplementing local cabling and extension of the surveillance camera system Pilsen – Klatovy amount to CZK 179 939 652 including VAT. Main works started on 20. 12. 2007 and were completed as of 30. 11. 2009. Finalization work on the extension of the surveillance camera system will proceed till the end of November this year.

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