SŽDC Successfully Selected A Traction Power Supplier for 2019


Správa železniční dopravní cesty (SŽDC) successfully selected a traction power supplier for 2019 by means of an auction on the Power Exchange Central Europe (PXE). After ten years, SŽDC takes over from České dráhy the task to ensure the traction power supply for railway transport operators. With a requested amount of 1,310,128 MWh, this was the biggest auction in the history of the PXE platform for end customers so far.

SŽDC decided to use the PXE platform for purchasing traction power for 2019. The requested amount equalled 1,310,128 MWh in total. SŽDC set the maximum price to 130 CZK/MWh. The resulting price of 100.9 CZK/MWh which was reached is thus lower by more than 22 %.

”This is a supplier’s business index which is favourable both for us and for the transport operator. The next step will depend on the result of the purchase of power as such (price fixation) up to the requested amount of the electricity market. Both of these factors will set the final price of the traction power commodity for transport operators for 2019“, specified Mr. Jiří Svoboda, Director General of SŽDC.

The winning supplier was the company Amper Market, a.s. which will be ensuring power next year for SŽDC based on conditions set by the latter.

”Although the submitter set the maximum price rather ambitiously due to current conditions on the market, many suppliers were interested in this auction. Thanks to this fact as well, it was possible to tender a very attractive price for the submitter“, says Mr. David Kučera, Secretary General of Power Exchange Central Europe.


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